Letter to the Editors

When you open your Trent e-mail this week, please do not ignore messages from the TCSA regarding their fall by-elections. The e-mail will include a link to your ballot and it’s very important that you vote.

Why? Not just because it’s your civic duty as a member of the association or because folks are running to represent you on the TCSA board. Levy groups (all 40 of us!) have a collective question on the ballot regarding how our fees are calculated and collected and we need you to weigh in.

The University recently changed how it calculates and charges tuition and other fees to billing by term (50% in September and 50% in January), formerly fees were calculated annually each September. Levy fees are the exception because they are directly and democratically controlled by students through referendum, so we need your okay to bring levy fees in line with the other university fees.

How will this affect you? If you’re a full-time all year, it won’t. You’ll pay the same amount of levy fees, just spilt between terms. If you’re a part-time student in in a term, you won’t pay levy fees in that term. In either case, the change makes sure you are billed more accurately.

It’s a small change, but will make life simpler for university finance staff and your levy groups.

Please don’t forget to vote this week! If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or another friendly neighbourhood levy group.


Alissa Paxton

Steward at Sadleir House

[email protected]