My name is Jacob Hadley and I am a fourth-year business student here at Trent University, and am in my third year of studies here on the Trent campus.

My experiences here have brought me some amazing times with different events, fundraisers and other outgoing activities.

That is to say I have attended these events, paid my money, enjoyed my time, then went home and gained a nice memory. But never have I felt truly involved or included.

I think that is one main issue we have here at Trent. For each event, organization and council we see the same familiar faces time and time again. It really gives the feeling of cliques and kind of makes the rest of us feel like outsiders; like we are guests among hosts, which is not at all how it should be.

Since I first applied to university I would hear from friends and family about how different it is from high school. How people branch out into new groups and change so dramatically. How there is no such thing as the “popular kids” and that cliques don’t exist.

But that isn’t what I’ve experienced.

Instead I see a constant repetition of the same people in these organizations at Trent, and the opportunities that go along with them. It gives a feeling of not belonging and it didn’t occur to me until this semester that there are so many of us that feel this way.

So many of us that we actually substantially outnumber these reoccurring faces; these “popular kids.” We are the silent majority.

A big turning point for me this semester was when LeBlanc told me he was going to run for president of the TCSA and one of his main positions was to give a voice to this silent majority, so that we don’t feel like outsiders anymore.

Upon hearing this, and knowing LeBlanc for a couple years now, I couldn’t wait to get on board because I know he will actually get it done.

If there is one thing I know about LeBlanc is how much dedication and hard work he puts into achieving his goals. Even through countless attacks of slander and misrepresentation through this process he is still dedicated to giving a voice to the silent majority.

It all starts with changing up the TCSA, which will lead to greater inclusion in all groups across all the great organizations at Trent.