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Letter to the Editors: Re: Abandoned cats at Trent

Thank you for publishing the disturbing report about the abandoned cats at Trent University.

A friend who tries to feed some of these pitiful creatures recently told us how one bitterly cold night he went out repeatedly to investigate intermittent terrible unearthly howls.

Sadly in the dark he was unable to find the source. In the morning he found the frozen body of a little kitten covered in muddy slush thrown up by passing cars.

It seems deplorable that an institution entrusted with the education of potential future leaders apparently feels no obligation to instill in them fundamentals of moral responsibility.

Perhaps OPIRG could form a group to arrange responsible pet fostering in collaboration with LAWS or ARK.

Thank goodness for humane shelters and for compassionate people like the gentleman you mentioned who is trying to relieve the suffering.

Kathi Curtin-Williams is another helping humanitarian who established and runs the Peterborough Pet Food Bank. This remarkable woman has been providing food to another kind man who does his best to save the lives of some of these helpless kittens.

If you would like to help please contact  Kathi at 705-761-9524.

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