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Letters to the Editor: Issue 6

The National Shame of our Missing Women

Test your knowledge of Canadiana: Which group of Canadians is seven times more likely to die a violent death than the average Canadian?

Unless you were at the vigil at Millennium Park last Saturday, you probably would not guess that the group is Indigenous women. Those who attended witnessed a spiritual ceremony including powerful drumming, rhythmic dancing, and melodious songs while listening to reports about the disgraceful fact that over the past 30 years across this country almost 1,200 Indigenous women have disappeared or been murdered, and every week three to four more women vanish.

In view of these shameful statistics, why did Canada’s Prime Minister cancel a proposed investigation of this ongoing tragedy? Is it because:

1. He places no value on the lives of Indigenous women?

2. He doesn’t think Indigenous adults vote?

3. He doesn’t think non-Native voters care about the fate of Indigenous women?

Or could the answer be all of the above?

Many Indigenous people put their faith in a Higher Power to correct the injustices they have stoically suffered for centuries, so it is up to those of us who still use the ballot box to send a strong message to Parliament Hill that our First Peoples and their wonderful culture and teachings mean a great deal to us, and that we demand a full and comprehensive investigation of this heinous manifestation of racism and genocide.

Carol Winter

Seeking Student Nominee for National Fellowship

Dear Colleagues,

The Centre for Teaching and Learning is hoping that you can provide assistance in identifying a truly exceptional student at Trent that could be nominated for the 3M National Student Fellowship. The Fellowship honours up to ten full-time undergraduate college and university students at Canadian institutions, and includes an award of $5000, participation in the annual conference of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and the Fellowship Program retreat, and the opportunity to develop a cross-Canadian collaborative project with other award winners, with the goal of enhancing teaching and learning at the post-secondary level.

We are looking for a phenomenal student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in their lives and during their time at Trent, and whose notable accomplishments provide evidence that they embrace a vision of quality education that enhances their academic experience and beyond.

In addition to the qualities mentioned above, the potential nominee must be:

• Enrolled full-time
• Enrolled in their first undergraduate program
• Neither in their first year nor in the final year of their program

Should they be selected as Trent’s nominee for the 3M National Student Fellowship, the student will also need to be able to:

• Show how they are a learner, a thought-provoker, a visionary, and a community member in action
• Demonstrate their creativity, distinctiveness, and personality through their record of exceptional leadership
• Provide a personal definition of leadership, and describe their leadership capacity and leadership potential in relationship to other people
• Articulate their view of the most significant challenges in post-secondary education and possible concrete solutions to these challenges
• Describe a few transformational educational experiences they have had outside of the classroom and off campus, and how these experiences have influenced their academic performance, their attitudes toward teaching and learning, and their approach to leadership

To put forward the name of a student for consideration, please send their name, email address, and a brief description of why you think they would make an excellent nominee for the 3M National Student Fellowship to by Friday, October 17. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Many thanks,
Adam Guzkowski

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