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Letters to the Editor: Issue 9

Uniting to chase that ever-elusive goal of peace

Dear Arthur,

Reports on the first Canadian bombing missions in Iraq stressed that targets in Falluja were “precisely targeted” by lasers.

Some years ago I visited a site in Baghdad so precisely targeted that two bombs hit sideby side. All humans in the building were instantly incinerated but their photos lined the walls.

The site so precisely targeted was a shelter for women and children.   Visitors from the U.S. brought hundreds of cards expressing shame, guilt, sympathy, sorrow, and pleas for forgiveness.  Sadly  no words can compensate for the death of a child.

A report on the internet titled “Falluja Babies and Depleted Uranium” states that  “America’s toxic legacy in Iraq from two wars” includes hundreds of tons of depleted uranium now causing an epidemic of birth defects, cancers, liver disease and childhood leukemia.

Previously Canada contributed to  this suffering much  less conspicuously, quietly supplying much of the depleted uranium and supporting the “sanctions” which prevented baby formula and childhood inoculations from entering Iraq causing over a million deaths of children under 6 years of age.

Now we are more visibly involved in the killing machine bringing death, maiming, terror and bereavement to civilians powerless to defend themselves.

Recently an American bombing “error’ left 250 schoolchildren dead in Syria.  OOPS!  (It may help to think of  this as “collateral damage”, not a massacre of the innocent.  Remember arms sales are a good thing for the Canadian economy.)

Killing children is never right, justified or in any way forgivable.  Attempts to justify the targetting of children and other civilians bring us to the brink of moral bankruptcy.  These days it is hard to capture public attention with non-violent vocabularly.

If you would like to give peace a fighting chance you might want to attend one of the following meetings at Sadleir House (the huge red house one block north of Parkhill on the west side of George St.):

Thursday, Nov. 6  a gathering of people from various  backgrounds  wishing to pursue the elusive goal of peace.

Tuesday  November 11  the Amnesty Intenrational annual meeting featuring a Peterborough paramedic courageously  saving lives in Syria.  Both meetings are from 7 to 9 pm, free and open to everyone.

Carol Winter

“Country Cousins” is getting ready for Christmas

To Arthur,

The Christmas show with your Country Cousins is taking place on December 2. We are going to play Christmas music and tell the Christmas stories that you like so much.

We also have a special treat for you: we are going to have James Kerr, Howard Fisher, and Jeffrey Stewart sing “Away in a Manger” and “Silent Night.” Also, James Kerr is going to tell you a story about when he was a little boy at Christmas time.

Daniel O’Donnell will be joining us to sing “White Christmas,” “The Gift,” and “Christmas in Innisfree.” Daniel O’Donnell and Jeff Stewart will be singing “O Holy Night” as a tribute to Jeff’s mom and dad.

Best wishes,
Jeffrey Stewart
Trent Radio Historian

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