Taking Stock of Stock Photography: Little City Photography

Photo courtesy of Wesleigh Young and Katey Battelle of Little City Photography.

When the selfie-stick just isn’t enough, it’s time to call Little City Photography. It’s as cute as it sounds: a small, Peterborough-based photography business that is run by Wesleigh Young and Katey Battelle, who are both Thomas A. Stewart graduates and Trent alumni. Wesleigh completed a Bachelor of Honours in Psychology at Trent, while Katey studied a Business Degree. Together they have combined their talents into a beautiful blend of savvy business strategy and a great understanding of their models and clientele. Their website, littlecityphotography.com, states that their goal is to live and thrive in the city of Peterborough. As per their slogan, they take “photos that make you feel at home.”

So what exactly does their company do? Well, Katey and Wesleigh work exclusively with stock image providers iStock and Getty Images, which take their photos and sell them royalty-free to customers all over the world, including businesses and individuals. Both Katey and Wesleigh previously worked with a stock photo company, but decided that they wanted to branch out on their own. Wesleigh says that his status as a Trent alumni has helped them connect personally with Peterborough business owners, as well as find many of their models, most of whom are from Peterborough. Interested in being a model? They are always looking for new talent, and love helping aspiring models build photographic portfolios. You can get in touch with them via email – wes@littlecityphotography.com or katey@littlecityphotography.com – to start, build up, or professionalize your model profile.

Photo courtesy of Wesleigh Young and Katey Battelle of Little City Photography.

Wesleigh and Katey’s goal, although they’re starting small, is to eventually run their business full-time, including taking photos from international locations. They already have a headstart in this department, with their most exciting photo shoots having been done in Hawai’i this year. Just picturing the cool waves, active volcanoes, and rich, lush forests are enough to make anyone want to go there, or at least buy the photos and hang them on your wall.

The two plan on moving onto the more industrial side of things, revolving around the medical scene. With their charisma and talent, it’s no wonder that hospitals and medical clinics will let them capture behind-the-scenes pictures of what Canadian medical care is like. Their talent and energy seeps through every picture they take, and once you meet them and see their work, it’s hard to say no.

Are you looking for a career in stock photography as the person behind the lens? Wesleigh says that it’s easy to start, hard to go wrong, and tons of fun. He says that they’ve worked with people of various professional and educational backgrounds, and that everyone brings something different to the table.

If you’re looking for someone to capture a moment in your life with a camera, remember that Little City Photography does work outside stock photos. They would be happy to work with you to create lasting memories that you and your loved ones will cherish forever. Check out their website mentioned above, or browse through their Instagram @littlecitylifestyle. You could even purchase a photo or two for an upcoming university assignment, or for your local business. The possibilities are endless when you capture life through a lens.