Local café review: Nata’s

If you’ve been to downtown Peterborough there’s a good chance you’ve seen Nata’s Café, just around the corner from the bus terminal.

This little café embodies so much of what I love about Peterborough’s local culture. I can count on Nata’s for fresh baked goodies that are perfect for grab and go (their sugar cookies are my favorite), delectable cakes, and of course, a perfectly made tea latte.

Now, in writing this my intention is to talk about tea, specifically, and share how I get my fix, locally. Nata’s seemed like a good place to start though in part because it is so much more than tea.

If tea isn’t your thing, then I want you to know I’ve heard some pretty good things about the coffee there as well.

Not to mention that if you’re anything like me, you’re also swamped with essays and other school assignments right now. A big part of why I need tea so much these days is just to cope with the stress of all that.

Nata’s also happens to have free wifi and what is, in my opinion, a soothing atmosphere. It’s everything I need to get through the stress, right at the source of the tea.

I hinted earlier in this piece that I hit up Nata’s for lattes. They have a respectable selection to choose from across multiple kinds of tea (green, black, white, etc.) and featuring flavor notes from a traditional English Breakfast to rich berry flavors. Perhaps best of all, though, is that they’ve perfected the art of steaming their milk for the perfect latte. I can always make a good cup of tea at home, but a perfect latte is a whole other challenge.

In conclusion, this is an easy start to the tea articles because Nata’s pulls me in for a latte but keeps me there with a great work space and delicious snacks.

Whether I’m in the middle of a busy day, having a meeting with someone or even for date night, I head to Nata’s, and I recommend it to anyone else looking for a good local latte.