Local Theatre Preview: Romeo and Juliet goes extraterrestrial

R&J in rehearsal

Mysterious Entity is gearing up for one of the most unique Romeo And Juliet adaptations that you’ll see in a long time- Romeo And Juliet: Superstar Ice Miners of Europa.

Mysterious Entity is a local theatre company that began in 1999 and did their first show in 2000.

Their mission is to produce original content with often socially conscious themes, talking about race, gender, domestic violence, and other contemporary issues – and their new adaptation of Romeo and Juliet is no excepion.

Written by local author Kate Story (who has published two novels Blasted and Wrecked Upon This Shore) and directed by Em Glasspool, this version of Romeo and Juliet is adapted from Story’s upcoming short story “The Yolk Of Inauspicious Stars” which will be released soon by sci-fi/fantasy giant Tor Publishing and is complete with new text written in iambic pentameter.

The story is set on Europa (a moon of Jupiter) in a future where corporations have depleted the Earth’s resources to such a degree that mining for water in space is the last hope for humanity.

Story says, “It’s really exciting, I’ve always loved Shakespeare, and always had a passion for infecting people with that same passion. It should be a pleasurable experience [Shakespeare], a fully embodied, fully emotional, pleasurable experience – and it’s in space!”

But in addition to the five shows running in November, Mysterious Entity has larger plans for the production, says Glasspool. “Our goal is to raise a lot of interest in it this year and then try to attract more high school students over the course of next year, with a much bigger spectacle,” and the Theatre On King plays an important role in that journey, “It’s the perfect place for a work-in-progress,” says Glasspool, “Its accessible and affordable and a great place to be trying something new.”

While most of the cast and crew are Trent Alumni, this production also features two actors new to the company, Taylor Beatty and Sarah McNeilly, both of whom are Trent students.

The show runs from November 5th -8th at 8pm at the Theatre On King with a matinee on Sunday, November 9th at 1pm. Tickets are $15 or pay-what-you-can, says Glasspool. “We really stand by the pay-what-you-can cover, and hope that people understand that and come even if they don’t have the $15. Of course we want to cover our costs, but more than that, we just want people to come out.”

Tickets can be booked by calling (705) 933-4510 or by emailing m.entity@gmail.com.

For more information, visit mysteriousentity.com