Local Tunes: Cold Creek County

Local grown talent is my favourite kind to promote and observe because I feel like I’m rooting for a home team or the musical equivalent. There’s something very special in the type of pride one feels, knowing you saw them at your local music venue and then cheered them on to bigger and better things.

Brandon Scott and his band, made up of him and four friends, are called Cold Creek County and they have been gracing stages throughout our area and beyond.

The interesting name is actually a tribute to their local roots, with Scott living in Brighton, his band mate Doug Oliver living in Hastings, and Cold Creek being in the middle. The other band members also live in surrounding counties.
While these boys may come from small towns, they have big heart and talent.

The band came together when Oliver and Scott came in to lend talents from My Darkest Days (as the band has been much less active in the past year), and years ago, they all played in different heavy rock bands from which they all knew or knew of each other.
In January last year, Scott called Oliver up and asked if he wanted to play in his country band from time to time, and Oliver ended up bringing along the other guys, too. Josh Lester played in a band that opened for My Darkest Days and was a welcome part of this new conglomeration.

I spoke with Brandon Scott about the band and all things music.

cold creek county

How long have you been playing music for?

Myself, I’ve been playing since I was 13. I grew up playing the drums and then learned bass and guitar along the way. Doug started playing the drums when he was about five or six, Brendan about seven, and he can play everything. Trevor and Josh also started playing when they were just kids.

What has been the most challenging part of breaking into the music industry?

Finding the right group of guys. It is difficult to find five guys that want to put in the effort and time, and who have the passion and drive. Also finding five guys that you want to spend the time with. It’s like marriage or family because you have to see them and make things work everyday. There are lots of good things going for us right now, with all of us bringing our past work together and with the fans being so supportive.

What are your goals as a band this year?

Release an EP. We plan to release our first single to radio. Just more recordings, then releasing a full album, as well as being on tour and going to festivals, things like that.

How has your music style changed over the years?

I’ve been into everything from top 40s to punk and pop. I’m just waiting to start a polka band one day! As a musician, you have to progress, everything has changed, from one time to another, and I will change with it as I need to.

cold creek 2What are your practices like?

There is a method to the madness. The work schedule we stick to is: run our set two or three times, run to Subway for lunch, go back through it all, and make new ideas. We always make a point to rehearse and record, it’s been fun for us trying to write for our album. The more ideas we have going into the studio, the better. Our days usually start at noon.

Have you had any funny embarrassing moments while on tour?

We had a good laugh at Venue last week. I walked on-stage, go to talk into the mic first. Doug thought I had my guitar and started the song. I hadn’t gotten my guitar, and it was on the far right of the stage. So, I turned around, having to tell Doug, “I don’t even have my guitar!” We had a good laugh about it and then restarted the song.

Which song have you’ve written that you’re most proud of and why?

“Saddle Up” because it’s the first country song I ever wrote, and it started me in this whole genre. It was the song that started it all. Also, “Make Me Feel Alive” because it is the first song we all wrote together.

What do you think makes your style different from other emerging bands and singers right now?

I think we have a unique sound. We are all rockers at heart that grew up on and in the country. It gives us a rock country edge, so we get fans from both genres.

Has being from Peterborough County and the surrounding area helped or hindered your growth as a band and musician?

Peterborough is great. It’s very supportive, and also having the My Darkest Days fan base has been great. For venues, just between The Red Dog and The Venue, they’ve been amazing.

What are you listening to right now?

My Darkest Days on the way up. On average, I just listen to Internet radio. Luke Bryan’s album was the last one I bought. I am just a big music fan in general, [except for] classical.

What would you be doing now if you hadn’t gotten into music?

I’d be a contractor; I was in construction before this.

What would you say to those people who may not have heard your music or been to any of your shows?

If you like country, you should come to our shows. We tend to make people love us, since our shows are more like parties and we have a lot of fun. Doug will give you five bucks to come to our next show. But don’t tell him I told you.

The best places to find more information about Cold Creek County and to connect with these guys would be via their Facebook, Twitter, and Reverbnation pages.