Make Yourself a Home

Make yourself a home
Even if it is a makeshift shack
Of wood and twigs and leaves
Or of rocks and strips of cardboard

Find yourself a home
Find it in the warmth of your lover’s arms
Hell, find it in your own arms
Let your body be your home

And love your body as you would your home
Feel safe in your body, as you would your home
Take care of yourself, darling, take care

Make yourself a place of refuge
Let it protect you from wind and broken glass
Let others enter it but know they won’t stay forever
If your body is your home know you’re its sole protector

And sure, you might find yourself living in a cloth tent
An alley way or under a bridge
Your home could be brittle
Pieces of the roof might fall off with every gust of wind

But remember that your ribs protect your heart and lungs
Know that your lids cover your eyes, and your cells kill illness
Your skin is able to wrap and stretch itself around your insides without tearing
And it’s also waterproof and you can’t really stain it
Which is pretty darn neat

Your home could be brittle,
But you are not
You are not what you cover your skin with
You are not what you sleep in

You are your big beautiful brain and you are the hairs on your head
You are the callus on your feet and hands

Be your own home
Be a home for others

You are a huge, red brick house with a wrap around porch and a vegetable garden
You are a home that supports life as well as you generate ideas
But, you are portable
And, you are malleable

Be a big ol’ house that has sprouted legs,
And fucking run