Meet the candidates for the TCSA’s fall election

Calvin Beauchesne – Environment & Sustainability Commissioner

I have felt passionate about environmental issues for as long as I can remember. Long before I came to university, I knew I wanted to study in the environmental field, but I didn’t know where yet. When I came to Trent and looked at the campus and learned about the program here, I was set on coming here. I am now in my third year in the Environmental Studies program, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. When I started school here I really wanted to become a part of an environmental group. After doing some research online, I ended up getting involved with Sustainable Trent in my first year and have stuck with that group ever since. This year I am the Coordinator of the group and hope to bring about a lot of change and influence within the school from our organization. One thing I have been working on through Sustainable Trent is the fossil fuel divestment campaign. The fossil fuel divestment campaign aims at getting institutions (in this case Trent) to get rid of stocks, bonds or investment funds that are invested in fossil fuel companies, and to reinvest that money in sustainable alternatives like renewable energy. This past Spring, previous Sustainable Trent member Julian Tennent-Riddell and I made a presentation to the Board of Governors to make the case for divestment. The Board has told us they will research the issue further before making a decision to divest or not. If elected, the main thing I will be focused on will be getting the TCSA more involved in the divestment campaign and increasing student outreach and mobilization on the issue. The TCSA has a lot of influence on the administration and student body, and they can use that influence to their advantage to advance the divestment campaign. In addition to divestment, I would really like to see more student engagement with municipal politics. I want to make the environment an issue in the upcoming municipal election in Peterborough in October and get more students out to the polls. I also would like to get more students organizing against the parkway and bridge through Jackson Park. The parkway is a local environmental issue, and I think students should more know about it and be more active in the fight against it. Lastly, I would also like to see Trent’s new food service provider Chartwells to largely increase the amount of local food they provide, either from purchasing it from companies based in the Peterborough and Kawarthas area or by growing it on campus through a greenhouse or farm. I would also like to see healthier options in the cafeteria and more vegetarians/vegan options for those with dietary restrictions. Trent is ranked as a leader in Canadian universities for its commitment to the environment. As TCSA Environment & Sustainability Commissioner I promise to make sure this honorable reputation holds true. Let’s work together for a greener, more just Trent.

Jessica Rogers – International Students Commissioner

My name is Jessica Rogers and I am a 4th year International Student from St.Maarten, completing my undergrad degree in a Joint Major in Business Administration and Economics. I am currently running for the position of International Commissioner at the TCSA for this academic year. One of my favorite quotes goes as follows, “No man is wise by himself!” and this is definitely true. We learn from one another on a day-to-day basis and I am asking for the opportunity to engage you with knowledge about the TCSA or even to help the TCSA learn about the Trent Community, in particular International Students, by using me as a channel to do so.

Many of you have seen me on campus playing some role or the other; for those that haven’t I would just like to say this: “What you do has a far greater impact, than what you say -Stephen Convey.” Let me show you what I am capable of doing rather than stating such. As humans we tend to say one thing and portray another but I can guarantee you that I am that individual that no matter how difficult or hard a job or task may seem, I do my utmost best to get it done and get it done right. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” My aim is to become this year’s International Commissioner at the TCSA for the student body, and sorry Mr. Lincoln but I plan on being GREAT at it. My organizational skills I have developed through past experiences of volunteering with Regional groups, my communication skills I have developed through my years of being here at Trent, my interest within the TCSA has developed due to one individual and that has me standing here today. He did a fantastic job last year and I would love the opportunity to carry on the Legacy of fighting for students and their rights, for educating them in a way that they can simply understand, and for helping them develop a drive and/or interest that will change their entire lives just by students helping students. All in all, Students help students to thrive and all I’m asking for is for you to help me, help you, and help us. “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is SUCCESS. – Henry Ford”

Betty Wondimu – Womens Issues Commissioner

My name is Betty Wondimu, I am a third year student pursuing a joint bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Development Studies, and I am running to be your Women Student Commissioner! During the past two years I have managed to garner a vast amount of experience through my active participation in serving and representing the student body. I have served as a student representative on the Presidential Advisory Council on Human Rights, Equity and Accessibility and have served as the Ethical Standards Commissioner. In addition, I was a part of the executive group for a regional group named Trent African Caribbean Student Union.

If elected I would utilize the skills I have gained from these position to address issues surrounding Gender equality and will mechanize different techniques to ensure that a healthy approach towards gender interactions will be taken. Under gender equality I will address issues regarding employment equity by engaging in issues such as unemployment, address lack of resources towards training, career counselling and skills development. In addition, I will engage in addressing sexual assault, sexual harassment and gender based micro-aggression, through the utilization of service and campaigns offered by different organizations such as TCSA, Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre and more. Moreover I will tackle a healthy action towards gender interactions through creating accommodation that respects the beliefs and cultures of all genders and sexual orientations, promote positive space to meet the needs of women within the LQBTQ community, provide resources that allows for an active and balanced lifestyle through addressing issues such as lack of student space or activities that women feel safe and secure in, and provide resources that are geared towards encouraging women to further the process of creating sustainable environment and food systems. I hope to have gained your vote through the glimpse of the actions I would be taking to address issues faced by women at Trent and the Peterborough as a whole.

Asgiga Corriveau – Womens Issues Commissioner

My name is Asgiga Corriveau; it is my third year at Trent. My experiences span from running various clubs in high school and volunteering with other organizations; such as Heart and Stroke. If I am elected my focus is on emphasizing on a safe and equal campus, being accessible to students, and be the voice you need. I would like to also do a project where in it would include the Trent community and Peterborough community. Please come out and vote!