Pictured: Charlotte Hannah

My name is Charlotte Hannah and I am in my third year majoring in a Bachelor of Arts General Degree in Cultural Studies.

I am currently on the Trent Fashion Show executive team and my position is Backstage Technician Coordinator. I was involved in Trent Fashion Show as a model for the show, back in 2013, during my first year at Trent and since then I have decided I wanted to be apart of Trent Fashion Show again.

I’ve always had an interest in fashion and community related opportunities to be involved in a school group. One of my favourite memories of Trent Fashion Show since I have been involved would be from this year when I had the chance to do lighting, sound and videography (recording the show on film) for the last previous show.

My favourite part of Trent Fashion Show so far has been the meetings the group has and collaborating with other executive members. I like opportunities to work and share ideas as well as hear new ideas with executive members involved in this group. Currently, my long-term goals after graduating Trent University are to attend post secondary school or get a job.