Creepy crawly critters creep
While the crawlspace creeks
And the creatures moan

A voice cries out
Another falls inward
Papers crash on the floor
I laugh, maniacally

There are voices in my head
Telling me evil things
Deadly things
Murderous things
And I know now what I HAVE TO DO

(I long thought about dropping out of school, but I could never find the courage)

But now I realize,
That it is not courage that I seek
But brute strength, to continue on

It is Halloween, and I do not fear monsters
But failure
As many of us do
Monsters aren’t scary
University is

So count down from eleven
And use your mind control powers
To convince yourself
That today is just one day,
And not the end of days

Do not be afraid of
Searching through the
Darkened library shelves
Always made me feel
More terrified
Than a vampire.

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Tyler works out of Peterborough, Ontario, and reluctantly attends Trent University. He loathes deeply, while drinking often. The cigarettes will soon consume his life. Read his poetry while you still can at while reading his journalistic work at this very site. I would say that he would be appreciative, but that may not be the truth.