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Never too Old to Strutt: Peterborough Fashion Week

Photo provided by Ugyen Wangmo

When was the last time anyone has seen a senior walk the runway and own it? Not ever!

Never Too Old to STRUTT, a part of Peterborough Fashion Week 2015, saw a group of beautiful and extravagantly styled seniors strut their wisdom, grace, and beauty down the runway.

“Passion doesn’t have an expiry date,” said Christina Abbott, Producer of PTBO FW 2015 steering committee. “In a society where [youthfulness] is worshipped, we want to shed light and bring to the surface the divine beauty of aging gracefully, with integrity, strength, and confidence.”

At the show, there were 20 seniors over the age of 65 who had volunteered to be a part of this inspiring event. The oldest model was 81 years old.

One of the senior models, Cheryl Ellis, said that she was happy to volunteer because it is an important event to help raise money for the Fives Counties Children Centre.

According to Ellis, one doesn’t have to be young to flaunt and be proud of what they have. It is no different than getting dressed, she said, adding that she doesn’t think about her age.

Since Peterborough has a huge senior community, according to Ellis, it is important “to show the elder women that we are still very beautiful people, rock any outfit, and that our self-esteem is still intact.”

Geoff Hixson, the oldest model of the group, comes with experience in modelling, movies, variety shows, and theatre and movies. However, this time, he came to be part of modelling on his wife’s persuasion.

He shared how walking down the runway is always different for male models than women but “for us oldies, we just have to make sure we don’t fall over.”

Doughlous Kirk, a 90-year-old audience member, said that it was nice to see elderly people his age walk down the runway. “I can identify with them,” he said. “I see that the colours black and white are in this year, most of the audience members are rocking the colour.”

Lucille, 85 and still fashionable, feels that, judging from the enthusiasm of those present, there is a good future for seniors walking the runway to advertise outfits. She advised that it should continue and we could even make a market of it.

Lucille mentioned that she is new in town, so it was good for her to learn about where to buy her outfits.

Another audience member present said, “It was nice to see people our age modelling clothes. It is age-appropriate, which I feel is important.” From the runway, she saw some outfits she would like to buy. She particularly liked a blue sweater and another outfit made of organic cotton.

All proceeds from the event, Never Too Old to Strutt, will go towards supporting Five Counties Children’s Centre, a centre that helps children with physical, communication, and developmental needs.

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