No, My College is the Best!


Some of us still have the O-week cheers ringing in our ears, but for others it’s nothing but a faint echo from years ago. College rivalries bring out the competitive side of first-years; breaking that awkward barrier and letting strangers find camaraderie in competition. But why is it that the college spirit fades as we move into our upper years at Trent? In first-year the question most likely to follow “what’s your name?” was “what College are you in?” These communities became an instant identifier and a great conversation starter.

I mean, let’s be real: if you don’t have a contact in your phone along the lines of “that girl from Champlain” are you really a survivor of the Trent college system?

There’s just something about being a part of a community that causes this infectious and inexplicable pride. But with such intense College pride comes inevitable shade throwing. For instance, how do you know someone’s from Champlain College?… Actually, don’t worry they’ll yell you all about it. Also, remember how hot and cramped res rooms were? No, I’m not talking to you Gzowski, aka the Posh Spice of Trent Colleges. Lady Eaton, you know you’re Hufflepuff – don’t kid yourself. Could I really talk about the College system without at least one reference to Harry Potter? I feel like we’re missing one. Oh, right how could I forget about Traill College? Well, pretty easily actually. If you haven’t picked up on it already this article is brought to you by a proud OC alumni. And yes, what you’ve heard is true- OC is the party College and in my completely unbiased opinion, the best college.

If you’re interested in experiencing the inter-college rivalry, once a year OC and Gzowski settle their differences while Champlain, Lady Eaton and Traill come to an understanding for the infamous East Bank vs. West Bank hockey game. Taking place on February 2 the game is a great place to go and express your college pride no matter what year. The hype may fade but as I’ve learned through just writing this, the spark of College pride is still in all of us.

In all seriousness, each College has a great deal of redeeming qualities which make them all ideal places to learn, live and affiliate. Though many people may joke (and also somewhat believe) that their College is the best, in the end the rivalries at Trent are not all that prevalent. If you’re a part of any College at Trent, you’ll be a part of a team you didn’t know you wanted and you’ll make friends you never knew you needed. But if socializing isn’t really your thing, you also get a free scarf! The Trent College system may have led to some sassy cheers and mascot malpractice but at the end of the day, we all bleed that Trent green.