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No quorum at TCSA board meeting

Due to not meeting quorum at the Trent Central Student Association Board of Directors meeting on Sunday, October 5, the TCSA intends to schedule a special meeting over Reading Week.

The special meeting will cover the topics listed on the October 5 agenda, including reports from the President and Vice President, an elections report, and commissioner reports. The full agenda can be found on the TCSA’s website.

In order to meet quorum, the Board of Directors must have 10 voting members present. As of the 1pm starting time on October 5, there were eight voting members in attendance. TCSA President Braden Freer postponed the start time for 15 minutes in order to allow additional members to arrive, postponed for another 10 minutes when no additional voting members arrived, and then adjourned the meeting at approximately 1:30pm.

“We’re going to try and hold [a special meeting] either over reading week or just right at the end of it. Hopefully directors will make it to it this time,” said Freer. Calling a special meeting requires more than 72 hours of notice, different from an emergency meeting which requires notice 24 to 72 hours in advance.

Freer is confident that the special meeting will be able to meet quorum, largely because there are now three additional voting members of the Board of Directors. The additional voting members were able to be appointed due to the TCSA being in a bylaw enforced State of Emergency following the break in over the weekend of October 4 and 5 (see article below).

“State of emergency executive is able to ratify elections,” said Freer, “so we ratified them which gave us three additional votes. The board can choose to overturn our decision, however since these elections had the highest turnout ever for a by-election and there were no issues with them, it is unlikely the board would choose to do so.”

The special meeting time and date is yet to be announced, and the next scheduled board meeting is Sunday, November 2.

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