Now that we have a new dishwasher, don’t you want to volunteer for us?

Season Spoon 3 (a)

(Photos by Andrew Tan)

The Seaonsed Spoon Café is so pleased to announce that in partnership with the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) we have been able to expand our capacity for local food storage.

Through this substantial grant the Seasoned Spoon was able to purchase a new commercial fridge and freezer. This new equipment is helping to keep the Spoon efficient and has more than doubled the storage space in our kitchen.

The grant has also helped in with the purchase of a new commercial grade dishwasher, exciting news for our 12 staff and 30+ volunteers.

The addition of these new appliances will help tremendously with the day-to-day functioning of our vibrant café, as well as increase capacity to store food that is purchased from local farmers and grown in the Trent Vegetable Gardens right here on campus.

The purchase of this much needed equipment follows the construction of a 350 square foot root cellar last season, now used to store to the vegetables from regional producers through the winter months.

Through these projects our café is working to support local farmers, while  reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions associated with the long-distance transport of produce.

If you haven’t yet been to the side of Champlain College to check out the beautiful “hobbit hole” as it is affectionately known, be sure to come by and see this unique feature on Trent’s campus.

The Seasoned Spoon’s mandate is, in part, to serve food that is grown locally and support farmers of our region by purchasing ethically grown food at fair prices.

Another goal is to provide healthy food at prices that are affordable to students.Season Spoon 3

Sponsorship such as the Foundation’s helps keep the café running efficiently while still allowing the Seasoned Spoon to sell affordable food to café patrons.

Huge thanks to OTF for supporting the Spoon in our endeavours, and thanks to our staff, volunteer, and dedicated patrons who keep us in business.

If you haven’t yet been to the Spoon for a meal, a workshop, or an exciting social event, come by soon.

We are a cooperative café located in Champlain College at Trent University, and in addition to providing high quality, affordable food made with local and organic ingredients, the Spoon provides educational initiatives through volunteer opportunities, workshops, speakers and conferences.

We are also always looking for new volunteers, so if you want to pick up skills and meet awesome people, do get in touch! Stop by for one of our delicious locally-sourced meals and treats or for those of who appreciate learning as much as eating, you might enjoy one of our unique and creative workshops, which range from soap making to beer brewing to herbalism.

For more information about the Seasoned Spoon, including our mandate and history, visit:

The Spoon is located in Champlain College. We are open Monday-Friday 8am-3:30pm while classes are in session.