#Oct7Proclaim and Indigenous Human Rights in Canada


On October 7, there was an Idle No More Global Day of Action, with over 53 confirmed events predominantly in Canada, but also in several other countries. With over 100 supporters in attendance for the #Oct7Proclaim event in Peterborough, people marched on George Street from City Hall to Little Lake.

Idle No More posted the intent of this global day of action on their website:
“We must collectively send a clear message that our movement will not stop intervening in Canada’s attempts to conduct business as usual, until our right to free, prior, and informed consent is universally upheld, until provisions of Bill C-45 are repealed, until justice is served in the dealings over our murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls and until our lands and our treaties are respected!”

October 7, 1763, marked the signing of the British Royal Proclamation, an historic document that legally mandated Canada to recognize Indigenous land rights. #Oct7Proclaim marked the 250 anniversary of the proclamation, and this day of action was meant to “Proclaim the importance of Indigenous Sovereignty!” according to an Idle No More release.

Furthermore, Professor James Anaya, the United Nation’s Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Rights, came to Canada to examine the situation of its indigenous peoples from October 7 to 15. He will issue non-binding reports and recommendations.

Last week, Christine Sy wrote an article about the #Oct7Proclaim event, relating it to Peterborough and Trent University.

“The question that must be asked now this year in the spirit of INM and the 250th year anniversary of the Royal Proclamation, and every year after, is: what does it mean to be a treaty person in this treaty area, whether here for a short time or a lifetime? How do I benefit from this Treaty? What I can I do to carry out my responsibilities as a treaty person? What are my responsibilities?” she said.

For more information, read her article: “So, What Does Being a Treaty Person at Trent University Mean?”

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