Operators needed at Trent Radio

So, are you doing anything Friday night? Trent Radio is sponsored and operated by the students of Trent University, and depends on volunteers to make it all happen. That involves taking responsibility for the airwaves, taking ownership of the airwaves;, and making the airwaves your own.

That’s where “Operators” come in. That’s where you come in.

Operators are volunteers who come into Trent Radio once a week for a shift where they are in charge of pretty much the entire magical radio universe. An Operator hangs around in the kitchen, drinks coffee, does their homework, and is there to support the hosts in their artistic struggle from afar.

Operators are not usually in the booth, they’re there in case someone ducks their head out and says: “Help! What does this button do!?” or, “Fire!” Operators are in charge, they are all-powerful. Operators are cool.

So, wanna be an Operator? (This is where you come in.)

Trent Radio has live programming from about 9 in the morning until midnight each day. There are over 100 volunteer programmers right now, pursuing their own glorious selfishly artistic dreams. This requires a lot of support from Operators to make sure everything comes together.

“But,” you say, “yae, verily, I am not experienced enough to be an Operator. I knowith nothing of Trent Radio and its strange ways!”

To this I say: “Pffffffft.” You’ll be fine. It’s not important to have radio experience to be an Operator. Just reading this article you now know the most important part – community comes down to you. All you need to be an Operator is interest, competence, and a little heart.

So, Friday night. Wadda ya think? (Is this where you come in?)

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Sometime in the 1980s young James Kerr placed a peanut butter sandwich in his parent's VCR and was transported to a magical world where he was taught by long-dead ghost druids the secrets of community and radio waves. Returning to this world he became an arcade champ, dungeon master, and perhaps most relevantly the Programme Director of Trent Radio 92.7 fm. His parents had to clean the peanut butter out of the VCR.