Don’t Be Cold this Winter, Get a Free Coat!

A promotional image for OPIRG Peterborough's Winter Clothing Drive with Trent International and the Trent Outdoors Club. Image via OPIRG Peterborough on Instagram (@opirgptbo).

On Wednesday January 15, Trent International and OPIRG Peterborough ran their second Winter Clothing Drive of the season. The Winter Clothing Drive is one of the many events OPIRG is running this semester to create student and community-based engagement on social justice and environmental issues. The Clothing Drive connects students and the community, brings warm clothes to those in need, prevents used clothes from going to the landfill, and fights against excessive consumerism. According to Jessica Evans, the International Student Programs Assistant, the Winter Clothing Drive is particularly important for International students, as they may have left something behind or are in need of extra gear for a Canadian winter.

Evans added that “International students pay a lot of money, and spending that extra money on clothes is another financial burden. So just to know that there are organizations like OPIRG where they can get access to a Free Market is really useful.” Evans is referring to OPIRG’s Free Market, an anti-capitalist and anti-consumerism program that collects donations and gives them back for free to anyone who wants them. The Market is in Sadleir House, open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and has a lot more winter gear left to choose from.

Thank you to everybody who donated to this year’s Winter Clothing Drive! If you missed this event but are interested in attending events in the future, be sure to check out both OPIRG and Trent International on Instagram (OPIRG: @opirgptbo, Trent International: @trentuinternational) and/or Facebook.