And now, a word from our President

January 20, 2011 Matt Jarvis 0

Steven Franklin and Arthur talk collegiality, college system, and campus privatization at Trent University, and the shifting landscape of the decade past. interview conducted by Brea Hutchinson, Meaghan Kelly, Matt Rappolt. Arthur Newspaper: Thank

All This Talk of Tar

September 21, 2010 Chris Chang-Yen Phillips 0

Tar sands projects in Alberta are releasing high levels of pollutants into the Athabasca River and the surrounding watershed, says a new study led by University of Alberta scientists Erin

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Biko* introduces Learning Zones

September 21, 2010 Brett Throop 0

*Wait. Biko? What are we talking about? Isn’t it called Bata Library? During the 1980s, Trent students sought to rename the library originally titled for the owners of the Bata