Peterborough Transit: A Beginner’s Guide

Public transit. No matter where you live in Canada everyone has complaints. Here is the need-to-know information about your (new) local transit system.

The George North

If you are sitting at the Bata Library steps waiting for the West Bank bus you will also see another bus waiting which is called the George North. This is a city bus route that takes approximately 40 minutes to get downtown. The Trent Express takes 20 minutes to get downtown and runs more frequently than city routes.
Mathematically speaking (so says the English major), the Trent Express is typically your best bet to get off campus, however there are some times you might opt for the longer route:

• the Trent Express is packed and you want to have some personal space
• avoiding someone
• want to have a long conversation with a friend
• live on the George North route
• need to get some work done on the way out or on your way home
• the Trent Express isn’t running

East Bank vs. West Bank

If you’re downtown at the terminal waiting for a bus to take you back to the Symons campus, you can get on either the East or West Bank bus routes. The bank referred to here is the Otonabee river, of course, so if you get on the appropriate bus from downtown you can avoid a blustery wintertime walk across the bridge. The West Bank will drop you off in front of Bata library, and is closest if you’re headed to the Athletics Complex, Blackburn, LEC or Champlain. The East Bank bus stops at the DNA Building and will drop you off at Gzowski College; it is a better option if you’re going to either of those places, to Otonabee College, or to the Science Complex.

Peterborough Stops vs. Express Stops

When you’re standing at a bus stop off
campus, make sure to always read the sign of the stop you are at.
Though there is some crossover, some bus stops are only for Express busses, and others are only for city routes. If you want to take the Trent Express, be sure that you are waiting at an Express stop, not a city bus stop. For example, if you are on Water Street near Parkhill you may be at a George North stop (and ready for what we’ve already established as a long ride). Take a look at the pictures to the right to see the difference.

Bus Routes to Know

Overall, Peterborough is a pretty easy town to get around. You can get most of what you need downtown. There’s an LCBO and a Beer Store, two cheap grocery stores, lots of awesome independent stores and restaurants, and if you’re headed to a bar or a cafe, you probably are headed downtown. If you want to go to the mall, you’re looking for Lansdowne place. Take the Monaghan or Major Bennet bus routes. To go to Wal-mart, or elsewhere in the North end, take the Chemong or Highland routes. One thing to remember is that all of the bus routes begin and end at the terminal downtown, which means that you can explore the city for free and know that you’ll be able to get home at the end of the day, too.

Sidebar: The West Bank bus stops right in front of Sadleir House, and the East Bank does not stop much further from there. Make sure you come visit Arthur Newspaper’s office!