Peterborough’s Galaxy Cineplex amps it up

As many of us turn to Netflix and other means of watching films at home, movie theatres have been making strides in technology to make the movie-going experience something that the home could never achieve. Cineplex Entertainment, the company behind the vast majority of theatres across Canada, has been taking every measure possible to make sure that they are ahead of the curve.

Over the past couple of years, they have made it their mission to improve their auditoriums, making them the best in sight and sound. With the release of the new James Bond film, SPECTRE (2015), Peterborough’s Galaxy Cinema opened the doors to its new UltraAVX theatre, an auditorium filled to the brim with new tech and accommodations. In fact, it’s so new that you can still smell the new leather seats.

Kate White, former Peterborough resident, and Cineplex’s Coordinator for Communications and Investor Relations, spoke about this new addition and what Cineplex hopes to offer the community:

We describe the experience as immersive. The screen is wall-to-wall, Dolby Atmos Surround Sound, Ultra High Definition 4K Projection, and the seats are extra-wide, leather, high-back rocker seats. These are all new upgrades for the multiplex, and nothing that Peterborough has had before. The experience will be heightened. These incredible blockbuster films will be made that much better.

For those unfamiliar with some of the jargon, this is exciting news and a huge upgrade for both cinephiles and general audiences. The Dolby Atmos Surround Sound system is a game changer, offering dozens of speakers situated throughout the theatre, including overhead, to fill the room with pinpointed and moving sound as the filmmakers had intended.

What’s also exciting is that the experience is no longer hindered depending on where you’re situated in the theatre. The advances behind this technology ensure that the aural soundscape is consistent whether you’re craning your neck in the front row or sneaking a kiss in the back.

Audiences will also notice a huge upgrade in visuals. Most TVs today, with some exceptions, are 1080p high definition. That’s the resolution. What that means is the screen is made of 1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 vertically. Cineplex, with their new UltraAVX theater, boasts 4K projection, which means their wall-to-wall screen contains 3840 pixels vertically and 2160 horizontally. Numbers and lingo aside, it’s a massive screen with crystal clear picture.

Outside of the accommodations and the upgrades, the auditorium offers convenience. “For the first time, Peterborough viewers can pick their seats without needing to rush to the theatre,” said White. We’ve all been there. Either we’ve gotten to the theatre extremely early to find that center seat and are left staring at the blank screen almost an hour before the movie starts (or is that just me?), or we’ve arrived to find that the theatre is full.

UltraAVX grants customers the opportunity to select their seats when purchasing their tickets either online or at the location. No longer will you have to sit between the two eager couples because something came up on your way to the film.

This upgrade, along with the recent addition of the Escape Entertainment Gaming Center and the upcoming YoYo’s Yogurt Café, has been implemented to meet the community’s demands and Cineplex’s objective:

“Generally speaking, we believe in not just offering a movie, but a movie-going experience.Everything from the snacks, to the comfort of the auditorium, to the guest services, from the moment you step into the theatre and to the time you’re back home, we want it to be something that is remembered. We felt [these] were a good fit for the Peterborough market. We’ve got lots of students in Peterborough and they’re excited about a lot of titles. We take pride in supporting that community and making our theaters a destination for them.”

When asked if the theatre was installed to accommodate the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which is projected to smash box office records, Kate informed that the integration of UltraAVX theatres were planned long before the film’s announcement, but, “We’re really thrilled about the timing. It will be an incredible film, and seeing it at an UltraAVX theater will make it absolutely stunning.”

For those of you who haven’t seen SPECTRE, it’s a great example of what the UltraAVX theatre is capable of. Tickets and show times can be purchased and located at