Ah, hello there. I’ve been expecting you.

Come, step into my humble abode, I can see something about your future. What’s that? How can I see anything at all through this dim light and fog of incense, you say? Well, I never!

Perhaps I was mistaken, maybe you don’t have much of a future at all with that attitude. Oh, so you’re sorry now? You want to know what happens after all, you say? Harrumph. Fine, I’ll tell you! Just put your hands in mine.

Hrmmm… I see… Christmas lights. Yes… it must be December I am seeing. Aha! It is December, although just barely, because I can also see that you’ve only opened 11 of your advent calendar chocolates. My!

Such a strong vision… Yes, this prediction is clearly about the 11th of December! Hmm… I’m getting another image… you’re kneeled outside of a brick building with green trimmings…

Why are you kneeling outside, you ask? Well you certainly seem distressed. I think it’s because you broke your radio! Yes, you broke your radio and you forgot all about it until just now. Although… hmm. That doesn’t seem quite right. Broken radio… radio… radio… broke… break… What’s that? You’ve realized exactly what this vision is about, you say?

Trent Radio is taking a scheduled break from regular programming on December 11 after 12 PM?

And you had forgotten all about it until just now? Well! You are certainly welcome for the reminder! Yes, you had better remember this moment so that you might avoid the version of your future we’ve just seen! Publicly kneeling in despair over a forgotten cancellation is never a flattering move.Wait, I see more! You’re… looking up at the same brick building. You seem to have thought of something, you’re looking rather hopeful.

You’re in the building now, and I see… a sign-up sheet. Yes, a sign-up sheet in a… a hallway. Ah! You’ve penciled your name in for a seasoned entrée.

How delicious! Although… hmmm… that doesn’t seem quite right. Seasoned entrée… season… entrée… entre… What? You understand this vision, you say?

In three weeks or so, there will be a sign-up sheet in the hall at Trent Radio for those interested in producing a one-off show during the Entre Season, which begins on December 11 and runs until January 3? My! This has certainly been a productive reading! You are very welcome for my helping you avoid your previously destined forgetfulness and despair.

Well, I have now fulfilled my role in predicting what might happen to you. Beyond this, it is up to you to decide what December the 11th after 12PM until January the 3rd will hold for you… a one-off show about bobsledding? Canaries? Hungarian folk tunes? Only time can tell.