Presenting: The Trent Queer Collective

It is currently September, and if you’re reading this, I’m just going to assume that this month is kind of a big deal for you.

What you’re reading right now is a short blurb describing what your local campus queer student group’s got planned for this week.

I bet you heard Trent was pretty much the “gay”school. I mean, I sure heard that a lot all the way in Toronto. I mean, I heard it a surprising amount. This message came to me from drop-outs, Peterborough ex-pats and just seemed to be blowing in the wind.

Well, I asked Trent I and didn’t get much of an answer. Brutalist Architecture, rivers, and greenspace don’t really like answering questions about their orientation.

All that being said, Trent does have a reputation for having a lot of queer identified students, despite our small size. So we at the TQC have our work cut out for us.

What exactly do we do? We connect students with resources in the area, provide safe, accountable spaces, and rainbows to you, dear reader. Our website will have more in depth details (

We’re also really into anyone who wants to bring some fresh ideas to our little hub, or if anyone wants to volunteer their time. Just send us an email and a glorious unicorn will be at your door, at midnight, with our tidings*.

In terms of what to do this week, we’ve got two events designed to introduce you to town, and to each other.

In exchange for logging out of your dating apps for five minutes, we’ll provide a medium to meet people the old fashioned way. IRL. Have I sold it yet? Come to the LEC junior common room on September 2 at 4 pm for fast flaming friends!

It’s an open friendly space to meet new people, chat, learn, and find out about people who live in (gasp!) other colleges or even … (double gasp) off campus.

This event was a lot of fun last year, and this is coming from someone who normally gets pretty anxious around large groups of new people.

Our other event is “Welcome to the GAYbourhood” and it’s happening on September 3. This means we can all meet at LEC 207, at 4 pm, travel to Bata and head down town to check out which businesses and services are queer-friendly. The map below this article is just a preview.

*Bad metaphor for us emailing you back after you’ve emailed:

Click the map for a hi-rez version.