Prime Junk @ The Spill W/ The Ferns, Gold Pony & Stacy Green Jumps

This Friday night, The Spill will be hosting Prime Junk for an E.P. release show. The lineup for the night is stacked with acts from Toronto, Hamilton, and Peterborough.

Kicking off the event is the rad as hell Stacy Green Jumps. I recently covered their live act in the Lonely Parade Tape release article for last week’s issue of Arthur. They play a blend of indie, pop, and punk, which thumps along with a DIY griminess and a jazz groove. Their sound is perfect for venues like the Spill where the acoustics pop into the listener’s ear, and the vibrations soothe with suggestions of dance. Natalie from Prime Junk describes her group as “fan favorites that never disappoint. DIY pop-rock.” As an opening act, they do a fantastic job of turning skeptical anticipation into vigorous energy. Playing the Spill only does them further justice, as they are building upon the pre-established good vibes, and the amazing sound of the venue itself.

Second act of the night are The Ferns playing out of Hamilton. They rock a “lo-fi jangle”. Their sound is mellow and sweet, balanced with heavy reverb, Beach Boys-esque melodies, and a Mac DeMarco style of malaise. The Ferns are a two-piece band, which is quite shocking considering the depth of their sound. The guitar creates a fullness that pulsates. The drums are jagged and unhinged. Together, the band evokes a sound that rattles. As a second act, they bring a significant departure in sound, but an energy that will retaliate to the blissful energy of the first act, and create a resounding, driven effect.

The third outfit of the night is Gold Pony out of Toronto. They are described as, “garage pop”. They play high-tempo, grimy songs, with a balance of harmony, hurt, melody and mood. The guitar is usually heavily distorted. The vocals are simple but dirtily stunning. The rhythm section plugs away like a wheelbarrow filled with sand, bouncing and creating a blissful mess as it is pushed along. As a third act, they will provide an energy boost headed into the finale. The event page describes them as “distorted guitar you can dance to.” Enough said.

The headliner for the night is Prime Junk. The band is led by Natalie. Natalie is the primary songwriter, and says that the group’s “live lineup is impermanent and changing”. Playing with Natalie is a rotating list of members from other Peterborough bands including Faux Cults and Stacy Green Jumps. Prime Junk’s sound is described poetically on their Bandcamp as “summer music for winter people”. This is a very apt description. Prime Junk’s music is an amalgamation of distanced vocals, loose drums, and a repetitious, clattering guitar. A sound that one can see being played on those sad, summer nights where love feels impossible, and alcohol seems required. The sound seems to come from a world perturbed and disenfranchised by the realities of everyday life. Prime Junk’s genre is “lo-fi garage noise pop”, and Natalie states that the band’s “influences come from 90’s east coast lo-fi”, which includes bands such as The Microphones, Eric’s Trip, and Dum Dum Girls, to name a few. The cordial night will escalate towards a necessary disturbance. The distortion of the guitars and whine of the vocals will shake and shatter The Spill and its occupants. Listeners will be propelled into a floundering state of discordance and apprehension, but at end of it all will be catharsis.

Prime Junk will be selling a limited run of tapes which includes a download code. The show will prove to be an entertaining and emotional release. All fans of grunge, punk, or alternative should check out this rad event, and any music fan looking for something unique will find that this event exceeds not only expectation, but the boundaries of The Spill’s energy. George Street will be filled with a lively and emotional vigor that even Aria or Shots are not able to match.

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