Peterborough Pride Presents: “Unstoppable” Pride Week 2019

A promotional image for Peterborough Pride 2019. Image courtesy of Peterborough Pride.

Peterborough Pride Week takes place this year from September 13 to 22, starting with a flag raising ceremony at 12 noon on Friday September 13 at City Hall and culminating in the Pride Parade and other events on Saturday September 21. The week includes over 35 events. This is the 17th year of Pride in Peterborough.

The theme of the 2019 Pride Week is “Unstoppable.” As individuals and as a movement for human rights, that is what we are! Locally, regionally, nationally, and globally, there are plenty of issues to take a stand on that impact LGBTQ+ individuals and their families. Here, safety, access to services, Transgender rights, homelessness, and reducing oppression of marginalized folks need our attention. Globally, the lack of rights and revoking of hard-won rights remind us that we can’t be complacent.

When we walk, march, roll, or ride in the Pride Parade we carry with us the memory of those that have marched and fought over the last 50 and more years to win the rights and respect we now share. While we celebrate inclusiveness and diversity here, we must also highlight the need to continue to push for rights and respect around the world. Everyone should be able to live and love as they wish with dignity and without fear. Freedom from discrimination of any sort should be a basic human right that all humans can enjoy.

Peterborough Pride stands with those fighting to have their rights respected and to safely express their gender and sexuality locally, nationally, and internationally. We invite everyone to embrace the Pride theme, participate in Pride Week, and take actions that make positive changes to build a welcoming community year-round.

“The LGBTQ+ community is diverse, so we invite individuals and groups to host events with programming during Pride Week that reflects the spectrum of interests within the community” says Peterborough Pride committee member Rick Lambert. “Pride Week events provide space for participants to gather, share ideas, speak their minds, support each other, and have fun in a safe and accepting environment.”

The annual Pride Week celebration is the product of considerable time and devotion from many volunteers and support from the City, community organizations, local businesses, and the broader community. That work and support is greatly appreciated.

“Peterborough Pride” exists to support and celebrate people of all sexual orientations and gender identities; honour and give thanks to those who have come before us and contribute to the resilient spirit and courage of the present struggle for our human rights. We promote a justice seeking future through education and advocacy so that all may participate fully in the life and work of the City of Peterborough and surrounding area with safety, dignity & respect!