Re: I Want My Money Back – Caileigh Morrison

Hello Liam Ledgerwood. How are you doing today? I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Caileigh Morrison, and I am the President of Trent Radio and the P.R. Community and Student Association (commonly known as Sadleir House). I have a few things to say about your delightful article on levy fees and your response to Evan Brockest, Brea Hutchinson and John West-Carvalho.

First, I would like to point out the logical fallacy of your “stealing” argument, featuring your roommates Timmy and Susan. I totally agree that stealing is wrong; what you and Susan hypothetically did to Timmy was uncool, even though it all went to charity. Here’s the thing though: levy groups do not come to your house and take your things, Liam. First, they ask students if they would like to pay a small fee every year to support them. Then the university tosses all the levies in with your tuition and other costs to make a tasty “fee salad”, that you willingly pay for. Trent doesn’t sneak up behind you in the night and mug you like an institutional Robin Hood, stealing from the rich to feed the poor. It clearly states that a part of your fees goes toward student levy groups, and when you write that cheque or enter that credit card number you are willingly handing the money over.

Second, building on the tuition stuff, did you know that the money you pay to the university every year supports all kinds of things that you don’t directly benefit from? Think of the most frivolous discipline at Trent, the degree that you can’t believe anyone would get because it’s totally worthless. Guess what? Your tuition fees support that department. Think about the surveys the university keeps doing that reveal time and again that Aramark isn’t that great. Guess what? Your tuition fees paid for those consultants. Think of how nice Steven Franklin’s car is. Guess what? Your tuition fees helped pay for that car. While you are getting upset about a tiny portion of your tuition being used by levy groups that provide important services to students and foster a sense of community on campus, the rest of your money is going towards this kind of stuff. There are bigger fish to fry, Liam, and by all means, fry them. Don’t waste your time on perch when you could catch a swordfish.

Finally, Liam, I’d like to share something personal with you. You know how I mentioned Steven Franklin’s car in the preceding paragraph? A lot of people get worked up about that; it almost reached meme status in Arthur last year. But you know what? It doesn’t really bother me. I can’t get worked up about how much President Franklin gets paid, because he pays taxes, and probably a lot of them. And here’s the thing with taxes: they pay for the majority of our tuition. You know how kids in the States have to pay a zillion dollars to go to university? That’s because their tuition isn’t subsidized. Ours is, heavily, and I think it’s awesome. You know what else is awesome? The levies you pay to Trent Radio, Sadleir House, and a number of other levy groups pay for staff members. These staff members also pay taxes which subsidize your tuition. They definitely don’t pay as much tax as Steven Franklin, because working in a non-profit isn’t usually the way to make the big bucks, but they’re still helping you out. Now, say what you will about taxes (and I’m sure you have a lot to say), but it doesn’t take an economics degree to understand that we all benefit from them. So instead of thinking of levies as money wasted, look at them as an investment in your future.

Thank you for expressing your opinion, Liam. I encourage you to continue submitting articles to this levy-funded newspaper about how you hate levies, because ROCK ON FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION OH YEAH! I’m sure I’ll hear from you soon!


(P.S. Trent Radio’s frequency is 92.7 FM. You should tune in some time.)

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