Re: Movember

“Movember” or “No-Shave November” is an initiative in which men are asked to grow a moustache for the month of November and raise funds for prostate cancer research. In online posts, many men have taken it upon themselves to inform women that No-Shave November is for men only and that women failing to shave armpits or legs for the month of November would be unacceptable. The blatant sexism is taken to new heights in the form of cissexism—discrimination based on the assumption that being trans is undesirable—when the same people talk about prostate cancer as a men’s issue. It is not. Not everyone who has a prostate is a man, and not all men have them; prostate cancer is an issue for those who have prostates.

As a trans woman and radical organizer, in an effort to combat the sexism and cissexism surrounding Movember, I’m growing a moustache for November, and asking that people make donations to TransMission in support and solidarity. TransMission is a local group by, for and of trans folk that provides peer support and advocacy within the trans community and works towards education and trans liberation in the community at large.

Donations to TransMission can be made by cheque (made out to Transmission) or cash, which I can accept from you, or by PayPal, by sending your donation to

Thanks for your support,


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