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Re: Trent Liberty

Last week, a letter was submitted in response to my article introducing Trent Liberty in Issue Zero of Arthur. Over the last year, I’ve felt that our group has done a great job introducing libertarian ideas to students around campus, and clearing up the various misconceptions that, unfortunately and unnecessarily, prejudice many people against us. However, if this misinformed and aggressive letter proved anything, it’s that we still have a lot of work to do when it comes to correcting these blatantly false and ridiculous myths about libertarian ideology. However, I always appreciate every opportunity I get to do just that, so thanks! In this letter, I’ll begin by identifying what the previous letter got right about libertarianism, and the things it got wrong.

Things It Got Right:

Things It Got Wrong: Everything Else.

That concludes my analysis. Writer, please come out to our next Pints ‘N’ Politics event. We don’t bite, and I’d love to help clear up a few things about everything that we do and don’t believe. No, I do not worship Somalian pirates as champions of the free market. (Seriously?!) I have never even read Ayn Rand, but that is irrelevant because 1) she is not really a libertarian, and 2) she hated libertarianism. Contrary to what you seem to believe, the Tea Party is not a libertarian movement either. I do not believe that self-worship or greed are admirable qualities. Anyone who has actually talked to us, or read actual libertarian literature, knows this and more.

While I love having intelligent discussions about these issues, I am always disappointed when attacks like this are published, because they are intentionally designed to mislead readers rather than to inform them. Instead of pointing out potential inconsistencies or flaws in the true libertarian ideology, the letter misrepresented what our group stands for so it could have an easier time knocking us down. The good news is that these kinds of attacks are becoming less and less effective as we start to interact more and more with students and get our actual ideas out there. You can’t fool them as easily anymore.

The letter cautioned you “not to trust us.” But, I’d like to ask, who is more deserving of your trust? Trent Liberty, which is dedicated to open and honest discussion with any and all curious minds, or this writer, who portrays me and other libertarians as Somalian pirate-worshipping, tea-partying, power-lusting Randroid neo-Jihadists? You decide.


Liam Ledgerwood

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