Rec. Basketball: Who Will Come out on Top?

This past weekend, the recreational basketball teams played their semi-finals and final games. The first semi-final game began  at 2 p.m. in  the gym, with the Goon Squad (green) taking on Lebron James Trains With Us (white). Both teams played their hardest but only one team could continue on to the finals which would take place later on that day.

For the first half of the game, the teams were neck and neck,  making basket for basket,  and even getting 3-pointers right after another, trying to keep  the scores as close as possible. Each  team also had two chances to gain  extra points during the free throws,  but unfortunately for the Goon Squad the Lebron James Trains With Us were able to make more shots. By the end of the half Lebron James Trains With Us was ahead by seven making the score 29-22.

With Lebron James Trains With Us already having the upper hand the Goon Squad had to  fight twice as hard to try and get the advantage. But no matter how hard they tried Lebron James Trains With Us was right there to retaliate, getting the rebounds,  numerous 3-pointers, and getting almost every throw they were given. In  the end, Lebron James Trains With Us won the game 56-43, securing them a place in the finals.

The second semi-final game was played at 3 p.m. with Basket Brawlers (Red) vs. Bath Salts (white).  During the first half, both teams wanted to take the lead and they were making shot for shot keeping the score close, and only gaining a one point advantage at a time. The Basket Brawlers would have been  ahead, if only they could have made all the shots they got from free throws, as yelled by one of their teammates.  In the end the Bath Salts took the first half 17-16, leading by only one point.

The second half is where the game got interesting, as the Basket Brawlers picked up the pace, and were finally making the free throw they  had the chance at. With  this the Basket Brawlers were able to pull ahead and were able to win  the game 39-34, locking their place in the finals.

With  the semi-finals out of the way, it was time for the fun to  begin. The final game came down between the Basket Brawlers and Lebron James Trains With  Us. Both teams wanted the title of Champions but only one could walk away  with the gold.

The Basket Brawlers had just finished playing their semi-final game, and had to jump right back in an play again, but if they were tired,  they did not let it show as they  took Lebron James Trains With  Us head-on. The first half of the game was very close as both teams did not want to come so far, only to lose. The Basket Brawlers were finally making all their free throws and getting the rebounds they  needed. Lebron James Trains With  Us took the first half of the game, leading by only a few points.

The second half, however, went to  the Basket Brawlers as  they nearly doubled their points, making almost every shot they threw. In the end,  they won the game 55-36, making them the league Champions! Good work teams, you all played your best.