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When one thinks of cinema and Peterborough, there isn’t much that the imagination can conjure up. With Toronto next door, the industry has had no need to jump ship, but when it comes to a film-going community, the upcoming ReFrame Peterborough International Film Festival gives TIFF a run for its money.

The film festival, dedicated to short and feature-length documentaries from around the world, will open its doors on Friday, January 29 to Sunday, January 31. Not only is the event popular in Peterborough, but it draws in a slew of movie-lovers from across the world.

There’s a lot of reasons to love and support ReFrame. Not only does it showcase a slew of voices from international filmmakers, but the festival supports the filmmakers financially as well, which is incredibly rare to come by in the film festival circuit. Not to mention, they’ve got a brilliant idea for their festival passes.

Most film festivals charge you per movie, but their festival pass ($20 for students or the unemployed) grants holders with priority seating and allows them to see whichever movies they please. They can also be purchased online. With over 60 films to choose from, this is an amazing deal.

Those looking to get more involved with the festival can volunteer, which is ReFrame’s lifeblood. They heavily depend on and appreciate the work of volunteers to keep the festival running.

The team behind the festival is incredibly dedicated to the filmmakers and volunteers, and ensures that all involved learn and benefit from the experience. Those looking to support the festival in other ways can visit ReFrame’s website to donate.

Leading up to festival, Arthur will be covering the event further. Be sure to return for film reviews that should help you figure out which titles you’d like to see, along with a detailed list of which films are screening.

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