They say
We are made in God’s image
Building us up from dust
Building man from dust
From his own

They say
Are made from Man
And in his image I stay
Unable to stand alone.

Yet somehow we find comfort
Knowing we are His masterpiece
Permanently defined
In his image

It is because He sculpted us
That we know He loves us
That is what you called it
But you used a different word

A word so tender
Describing affection, respect
If this is love
I want to be alone forever
To never hear that word

Like Him you claimed artistry
Using your power
Drunken with inspiration
You used your hands

Using them to mould and sculpt
My body
Into whatever your imagination dreamt up
Claiming something other than your own

Your greedy hands
Finding their opportunity
As my body broke down
Alcohol, frozen in time

There I lay
As still as the sculpture you made
Half closed eyes
Cloudy vision and tears streaking my face

Your careful eyes
Seeing no wrong in your work
As you set my shape
Unable to break out of this form

My voice lost
Another woman’s voice lost
To the man who manipulates her body
Her being

I am unleashed onto the world
Critical eyes look over me
Interpreting what they will from my frame
My outside structure

The only thing holding me together
Knowing what you did
Was not art
You are not an artist
You are an amateur

Knowing that I did not conform to your creation
You try to erase me
To cover up the marks that were made
The mistakes

If only the cuts were deeper
Maybe others would criticize
How I was forced into
This box in which I do not fit

You can not erase the marks
You can not see
A selfish act
In which you presented me

You do not get to own me
My body isn’t for bid
It belongs to myself
Your marks are temporary

Using their God given right
To recreate us
For their own purpose

We will be marked
But never broken
Standing beautiful and strong

Answering to no man
There is no god
Only ourselves
Only human

We create ourselves
Our brushes stroking
Our canvass
The finished product for us alone

Growing more beautiful each day
We will never answer
To those who think they have a right
To our bodies

We are made in god’s image
I am made in my own image
And I am beautiful

A masterpiece
Standing alone

– Anonymous (but still here)