Seasoned Spoon Root Cellar Gala and Thank You Dinner

As we settle into winter, we look forward to bundling our veggies in their straw and newspaper beds, safely tucked away from the winds and snow!

They will sleep happily in our beautiful new root cellar, old school technology given a boost by sustainable building practices. The cellar will not only give us better storage space and thereby extend our season, but will also cut down on fossil fuels as we reduce our trips to the market, and will also allow us to buy in greater quantities from the excellent farmers who will begin to grow more for us.

Built with love by a number of awesome volunteers and the amazing folks at the Endeavour Centre, we want to celebrate this beautiful building and everyone who made it possible. Please join us for a Root Cellar Gala Dinner, a joyous “thank you!” to all who made this possible and a final fundraising pitch to cover all expenses and get our veggies back underground!

Come relax after classes end and enjoy a delicious meal with friends, rejoicing in the winter season and our beautiful local food community!

Tickets cost $15 for students, $25 for waged folks- $20/$30 at the door. This is a black tie affair- dress up (or down) as you wish, and be prepared for a delicious multi-course dinner with musical accompaniment.

See you at the Spoon!