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Show Trent you’re proud of your culture: be a part of TISA!

The Trent International Student Association (TISA) serves as a way for international students to show off their culture by joining or being a part of their respective regional groups! TISA is a student-run organization that represents the international community at Trent University. We work closely with the Trent International Program (TIP) to ensure that the international student body fully enjoys their time at the university.

TISA is the second-largest student group at Trent, simply because we are a voice for every international student that makes the great decision to come here.

Just like the diverse world that we live in, TISA represents the regional groups that you can be a part of at Trent. This includes Trent’s African and Caribbean Student Union (TACSU), Trent University’s Chinese Student Association (TUCSA), Trent University’s Russian Student Association (TURSA), Trent’s South-East Asian Organisation (TSEAO), The Organisation for Latin Awareness (HOLA), The South Asians’ Association at Trent (SAAT), and the TISA Choir. This plethora of regional groups allows for a distinct experience at the various events that TISA puts on, allowing us to truly achieve TISA’s motto: “Bridging boundaries, connecting cultures, and breaking barriers.”

The events are unlike any other, including the upcoming TISALYMPICS, where the regional groups compete in different sporting matches – all for fun and to encourage friendly competition amongst the regional groups. Others include our Welcome Back BBQ and various de-stressing events where we collaborate with regional groups in order for some light, relaxing fun. These events allow for boundaries to be bridged so that all the regional groups and their members can mingle and enjoy their time with others.

TISA’s biggest event is Cultural Outreach, which is held in the middle of the winter semester. It is a show where various TISA members put on dances, skits, and other stage performances, and proudly show it off to the Peterborough community. Cultural Outreach connects each regional group’s culture while allowing them to shine individually, and the show is an amazing display of the artistry the Trent student population has to offer.

We break barriers by attempting to incorporate the regional groups’ culture into day-to-day occurrences at Trent, including collaborating with chefs at the university to create culturally inspired dishes. TISA ensures that every student, no matter where they come from, has the ability to display and be proud of their culture without criticism or ridicule. At the end of the day, and regardless of the colour of our skin or our culture of origin, we’re made of the same number of bones. Our lineages might be different, but that’s what makes
humankind so amazing.

At the moment, TISA is currently looking for a First Year Representative, whose duties will include event planning, being a voice for first years, and being an overall advocate for international students at the university. Elections will be held at the end of the September, so if you are interested, please email us at

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