Smooth Operator: Trent Radio’s version of Arthur’s Listings

Winter is wearing on, friends, and sadly, I am fresh out of ideas for fun stuff to do.

Sometimes by this time of year, I can run around splashing in puddles and making a fool of myself. NOT SO, March 2014.  It is enough to make a gal mad.

Thankfully, I have a secret to share with you.

There is a show that happens thrice daily on Trent Radio that keeps me supplied with sexy date ideas, volunteer opportunities and even timely reminders to avoid fishing illegally.

(Illegal fishing, though perhaps a sexy date, is no fun due to fines and arrests.)

That show, dear readers, is Smooth Operator.

What a treat it is! The premise is simple: dulcet-voiced operators announce upcoming events.

The variety is endless—everything from two-step dance classes to twelve-step programs.

Did you know that Hamilton band WTCHS played at the Spill tonight?  Neither did I, until I heard about it on Smooth Operator.

Since I had a timely heads-up, I was able to catch their interview before the show. I even met the drummer! She was utterly charming and the set was glorious.

Sometimes, it is the show that saves me from staying in all night and watching Dog Whisperer re-runs. For this, I am eternally grateful.

But were I to speak truth to the gratitude I feel for the show, it’s mostly for the local music. Smooth Operator is dedicated to playing local tunes.

Unlike Radio Free Peterborough, the magic happens during waking hours! I have whipped up many a tempting dinner listening to the 6pm broadcast.

If you listen in on Mondays at 6pm, you can hear me smooth-talk my way through this show (alongside the great Caleigh Morrison).

Smooth Operator broadcasts daily at 11am, 2pm, and 6pm.

Trust me: if you listen faithfully, you’ll never be out of ideas for things to do.