Solidarity at Trent University Roundance Flash Mob

“I have been observing Indigenous North American culture for many years… It never ceases to warm my soul when I see articles of clothing, ceremonial regalia, hand-crafted power sticks, beaded work, sashes, carried and worn proudly by first peoples… while other cultures show off gold and jewels that have no meaning… at the Trent Idle No More Gathering a group of people from differing cultures came together to share their discontent with the direction our elected government has taken in matters of importance… as elder Shirley Williams states, “it’s about water, if we have no water, we have no life”… listen to those words, share those words and help us kindle relations with others….” – Charlie Gregory


“I follow the lead of the First Peoples who will help us to restore democractic government in this country.” – Jean Koning


“To stand–and dance–in solidarity with indigenous First Nations; and to think about what tactics an ally could take to further justice for them, restore effective democracy to Canada, and move towards a non-expoitative relation to the Earth.” – Philip Kienholz


“I believe that the treaties (unceded lands) and First Nations are the key to environmental protection and sustainability. Bill C-45 threatens our waters, air and lands. I stand and dance with INM as a settler/ally who wants the Federal Government to think ahead seven generations in the interest of the common good. I am concerned about recent decisions by both the Harper Government and by the Ontario Liberal Government with regard to Canadian lands and waters.” – Kathryn Langley


“We have forgotten the agreements our families have made with the people who speak the language of this land. It’s time we remember how to live the way we promised we would.” – Dan Ledandan


“I wanted to show my support.” – Rachel Thompson



“It’s kind of hard to say why I chose to participate. I kind of just had a sudden impulse to do it. There’s strength in numbers, you know? One of the speakers said something about the number of non-indigenous supporters they had seen and how it’s an issue concerning humanity in general, and I agree.” – Jesse Louro



“I participated because I too am a treaty person. The treaties apply not just to the indigenous nations of this land, but also those of us who have settled here.” – Matthew Davidson



“I was not at the Trent rally but have participated in numerous other ones in the Kawarthas lately. I participate in Idle No More as an Ally because all Canadians need to speak out against racism and oppression on principle, and contribute to the demise of a white supremacist society based on divisive and violent colourlines. Allyship enlarges the awareness that those of us with white skin enjoy certain privileges and benefits, and that indigenous people are still attacked, marginalized and oppressed everyday in Canada. As the descendants of the original Settler Society, is our responsibility to bring the principles of cooperation, caring and sustainability fully into living practice.” – Lyssanda Eyers