Solidarity at George Emmanuel United Church


Be on the lookout when walking down George Street, you might be inspired by diversity resisting white supremacy. “We are trying to create as safe a space as possible” said Kemi Akapo. “We need to speak up for love and inclusion and speak against hate” said Kemi. 

Those who come across this space from 10-12pm can expect to experience the “art out” portion of the day, where community members can express solidarity through chalking sidewalks. From 12-2pm, expect speeches from activist Desmond Cole, Elder Shirley Williams and Spoken word from Niambi Lee. From 2-4, there will be drumming.

Rosemary Ganley, who has been an activist in Peterborough for 50 years is inspired by what she saw today “there’s so much coalition building…this is the fruit of it.” She believes in the power of “reframe festival and Trent students” in creating “an environment that responds to poisonous ideas with solidarity and protest.”

Students from Trent Blati Shakz and Celine Daher we according to Blati “here to spread love and celebrate diversity.” Celine states “our rally is not here to attack anyone, but here to show acceptance and love, and to have peace in peterborough.”

“A lot of Trent students are international students…we can all live in solidarity together and it’s important that we show that to the community.”

It should be noted that although Kevin Goudreau’s permit for his rally was denied, that he will still be protesting in Confederation Park at 2pm. Be safe folks.

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