diwali 2

The South Asian Association is a Trent student group. We aim to promote cultural diversity at Trent. I am Aaditya, President of the club for the year 2014/15. I am in my second year doing joint majors in Biology and Psychology.

Diwali is widely celebrated as the “festival of lights” in India. It has its origins in Hindu mythology, and symbolizes triumph of good over evil and victory of light over darkness. It is celebrated with great zeal all over India and the world by millions of Hindus and Sikhs. The five day festival is packed with fun as people wear new clothes, delicious food is cooked, and prayers are performed.

The actual Diwali day is the third day of the festival. On this day the entire country is lit up with clay lamps known as “diyas”, and people gather and do fireworks in almost each street of the nation.

We tried to recreate Diwali at Trent. The event started with two short films which were aimed at educating our guests about the mythology behind the festival and giving a sense of how it is celebrated in India.

Then, traditional Indian snacks were served as food, which is a big component of the festivities. After finishing the food, everyone went outside to the garden at Peter Gzowski College, which was full of beautiful yellow lights from the sparklers in everyone’s hands.

The night concluded with women getting henna tattoos and dance performances on Indian music.

The event saw attendance from about sixty people, all from very different backgrounds, which made it very special time.

I would love to take this opportunity and thank the staff at The Risk Management Department, Student Affairs Department at Trent, and the Trent International Students Association, all other regional groups at Trent, our guests, and last but not least, our volunteers, without whom the event would not have been possible.

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