Arthur Editorship Platforms 2019-2020

Announcement image for Arthur's Spring elections for the 2019-2020 editorship. Image courtesy of Miranda Rigby.

Leina Amatsuji-Berry and Lubna Sadek

As current co-editors-in-chief of Arthur, we are excited to run for a second year of editorship. This opportunity provided us with great learning and networking experience and allowed for growth as individuals and professionals. We would appreciate the opportunity to be elected for a second year of editorship to build upon this past year’s experiences, lessons and challenges to build a stronger and more accountable Arthur.

During our year as co-editors, we have been fortunate enough to maintain and foster meaningful relationships with community groups, be it clubs, levy groups, or outside of the university community. This has included but is certainly not limited to collaborative efforts with Artsweek Peterborough, the Centre for Women and Trans People, Trent Radio, and Sadleir House. We’ve also listened closely to the membership, whether following leads given to bring hard-hitting stories or introducing a humour section to be a bit more playful with opinion.

However, the Student Choice Initiative to be introduced in Fall 2019 will change the funding and functioning of campus groups, and change student life as we know it. We have taken this into consideration in our platform. If we are re-elected as co-editors of Arthur, our goals will be to:

  • Explore further possibilities to offer for-credit work for Trent undergraduate and graduate students at Arthur;
  • Continue to financially stabilize the organization, and prepare accordingly, especially with the recent changes to the organization’s funding;
  • Continue and improve in bridging the gap between the Trent and Peterborough-Nogojiwanong communities

As this year’s editorship comes to an end, our objective is to ensure Arthur fulfills its mandate and is accountable to its membership. As the only remaining independent press in Peterborough-Nogojiwanong and one of the most active campus media, we will continue to strive for Arthur’s stability and ensure the organization’s efficacy. After learning the mechanics of the organization, its community context, and its needs, we are determined to do everything to meet those needs and improve our work, and therefore the function of the organization as a whole.

We hope that the collective and membership feel that they can trust us with their votes, and give us the opportunity to expand on our platform at the spring elections this year.