Star Trek: The Real Story

It was in 1964 when Lucille Ball did her shows on television. She gave half a million dollars to Gene Roddenberry so that he could make his first pilot show on television, and it was called The Cage.

This pilot starred Jeffery Hunter and Leonard Nimoy, and they did their parts so well on that first pilot for Start Trek that two years later they had attracted William Shatner.

The Cage was so well liked that it was made into a two part story called The Menagerie, which had 79 episodes.

Many years later, they made six Star Trek movies.

The other half of the story is about physically and mentally handicapped people of Canada and the USA.

Gene Roddenberry had an idea to get them to be Star Trek fans, he asked Sean Kenny if he could play the part of the physically handicapped Captain Christopher Pike and Kenny agreed to do it.