Student participation increasing across campus

clubs and groups day

Whether it’s enthusiastic first-years or older students coming out of the woodwork, this year seems to have marked mostly an increase in clubs and groups participation.

“I have been surprised and thrilled at the turnout this year,” said Trent Active Minds coordinator Tori Silvera. “Our open house for Trent Active Minds drew a crowd of 40-50 people throughout the night! I’m not sure how much of this can be attributed to the free pizza that we brought, or our homemade cookies, but it is exciting nonetheless.”

Kate Ross of the Feminist Society also spoke of an increased turn-out: “The Trent Feminist Society has experienced a higher amount of participation this term and we are so glad! This year has been the most people we’ve had to add to the online and in-person discussion group. This allows us to have better, more rounded and varied discussions about many topics as well as a higher amount of people involved in campaigns or protests.”

“I’d say we’ve had more interest in our bands and choirs this year than in previous years,” commented Trent University Music Society Vice-President Lindsay Thackeray, “We had a lot of people sign up for them on clubs and groups day; it seemed like higher numbers than average.”

“While this year started off with a crazy amount of people, it’s more or less business as usual at this point,” said Quinn McGlade-Ferentzy on behalf of the Trent Queer Collective, “Our events have been fairly well attended.”

But as for why, there is only speculation.

“Over the years, Trent has always been passionate about community, but this year something seems to have changed or taken root,” remarked Silvera, “New students support each other via social media, colleges are establishing tangible ways for students to connect and make friends, and off-campus students are far more involved and supported. We seem to have reached a tipping point, and students have collectively decided that the best way to be part of the Trent community is to get involved and volunteer.”

“I find that participation in clubs and groups in a university setting is crucial to a positive university experience,” said Ross, “If I had any advise for a first year university student, it would be to join groups (lots of them) and share your interests with like-minded people.”

“I am so excited to see the amount of passion, ambition, and enthusiasm that students are putting into practice,” Silvera finished, “It makes me optimistic for both the future of Trent and the future of the communities that these students will be part of later in their lives.”

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