TACSU brings cultural festival: Afribbean Sensation

afribbean sensation

I don’t know about you, but as far as I am concerned there is nothing better than a good story. Throw in a hot mix of some of the most spicy and fun cultures in the world and you have an amazingly good time on your hands. Or as we like to call it at Trent, Afrobana. Every year the Trent African Caribbean Student Union (TACSU) hosts a cultural festival showcasing elements of African and Caribbean ethnicity. It is truly a wonderful experience that many of us spend all year anticipating.

This year, the goal is to create an “Afribbean sensation” by using an amalgam of dance, poetry and visual art delicately peppered with a beautiful narrative of neo Afro-carribean culture.

This year everything is going to be different. Although the general goal will always be to promote more cultural awareness, this year Afrobana is being transformed into a deluxe experience. With this shift came great preparation.

A committee of experienced students was selected to assist in planning and casting the performances for the show. Through connections with Jamaican Self Help, TACSU was able to solicit the help of a talented drama coach from Jamaica.

Perhaps the biggest change is that for the first time ever, the MC’s will not be Trent students. They are both are coming from publicized positions outside of Trent, they who have great stage presence as well deep connections to both African and Caribbean culture. The MCs plan on taking you on a journey that will transcend the bounds of history and space.

The organization committee has taken it to the next level in another way. A new element added is the seating arrangement which have been made to ensure that the audience has the opportunity to have an experience like no other at the newly renovated Wenjack Theater. There are three ticket options the audience gets to choose to experience at the show.

VIP tickets which is opened to Trent faculty as well as the student body gives each audience member a front row seat to the stage, an usher who is willing to assist them, not to mention full access to a special selection of snacks during intermission. If they plan on heading out to our after-party at Shots Nightclub, they are guaranteed line bypass throughout the night.

Afrobana tickets fall at the highest price point of $20 to $15 for privileged seating which allows seated audience member the comfort of knowing that they are in some of the best seats in the house and they too are able to grab a snack at intermission right outside Wenjack.

General admission is $10, basically the perfect seating for students on a budget with the ability to have full access to that seating in the theater as well as ensuring that they don’t miss out on this once in a life time opportunity.

Tickets are on sale every day at a variety of locations both on and off campus including; the Trent International Program Office (TIP), Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) and finally from our lovely volunteers every weekday until the event around campus.

Please note, if you are unable to pick up a ticket on campus they will be available at The Spill and Shots downtown to ensure everyone has a chance to have a ticket. Afrobana this year promises to be an extravaganza unlike any before so don’t waste any time and get your tickets before it is too late. I will see you on the 16th!