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Arts@Trent Feature

March 18, 2015 admin

Below is the complete pullout Arts@Trent feature. This feature would not have been possible without the wonderful artwork and contributions from: Abby Sparling, Colleen Armstrong,

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March 2, 2015 Caleigh Boyle

Cries drain from the speakers till there’s nothing left to hear, crippled by clinking bottles delicately stacked on top. The frame droops and decays displaying

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March 2, 2015 Jasmine Harrison

I left my face in the birth canal As my bloody body slid  Into the white waspy gloves of the nurse That wept through my

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March 2, 2015 Anonymous

Men They say We are made in God’s image Building us up from dust -sorry Building man from dust From his own Women They say

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Know Your Worth

February 9, 2015 Barbie Roberts

She said to me one day, I think she will have a hard time finding a man. Why? I asked. Because she is more ‘traditional’,

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bedroom rites

February 9, 2015 Jasmine Harrison

im sitting in my bed  tail bone tucked beneath knees that keel over inside your  bedroom  when your ready to let my heart   swoon