Tastes better than newspaper: The Seasoned Spoon Café

Season Spoon 1

Hello Trent students and welcome to Peterborough (and Arthur) and our really nice bridge and …

WAIT! Where are you reading this?  On the bus? (Make sure it’s not the George North!) In the library, or the Champlain Quad?

Wouldn’t this newspaper taste better with some delicious fair trade coffee? Shouldn’t you go and get some? Should you really be eating the newspaper?

The Seasoned Spoon Café lovingly crafts food that definitely tastes better than newspaper. Decadent chocolate desserts, luscious lasagnas, fresh and exciting salads, and flavourful soups are all made with high quality organic and fair trade ingredients.

In fact, most of it is grown right here in our beautiful community, some of it from Trent’s very own rooftop gardens! Our produce is all local, our gluten free and vegan options extensive and varied, and we are always rocking some awesome music.

In its twelfth year of operations, the Seasoned Spoon is a unique entity, both within the university and also among universities in Ontario. We are one of just two alternative eateries here at Trent, and the only student-driven cooperative on campus.

We are also one of the longest running and most established university cafes of our kind so it’s definitely something you can be grateful for as you explore the Trent campus and ponder the wild decision you made to attend university.

(It’s ok–keep pondering! You’ll learn something, whether you choose to keep on or not!)

We’re super proud of our delicious food and also proud of the community we create–as a not-for-profit cooperative, our members are the force that drives our business.

For only $10, you too can be a member to receive discounts on your food, help make decisions at our annual general meetings, and volunteer in the kitchens. It’s a fantastic place to meet new people, enjoy music every Friday at our Musical Spoons events (featuring half priced baked goods and all day breakfast!), and also attend all sorts of awesome workshops, from cooking classes to herbal medicines to beer-brewing.

The Spoon is located in a beautiful space that has been recently renovated thanks to a substantial endowment from the Alumni Association.  It’s a perfect space to study, chat with friends, or meet a prof. It’s student space that you are encouraged to use, whether or not you’re enjoying our delicious food.

We also hire over ten part-time student positions (and we’re hiring–check out our website for details!) and offer awesome volunteer opportunities.

Need work experience, friends, a way to burn off some stress for a few hours between classes? We ask for two hours of kitchen help a week and in exchange offer you a delicious meal and a most excellent community.

Basically, the Spoon is pretty much the spot to hang out and meet new people, and we welcome everyone to our bright and sunny café space.

Whether you are a business major looking for a place to work, an international  student wanting to try some fresh Peterborough veggies, or a new faculty member looking for an alternative to cafeteria food, come check it out. We promise you it’s worth it!

Check out the Spoon in Champlain College Senior Common Room. Just follow your nose through and past the Great Hall!

Find us on Facebook, ClassFind, and at our website www.seasonedspoon.ca