The Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) announced that on May 27 they will be discontinuing the Trent Reid and Armour routes and bringing back the familiar Trent West Bank and East Bank.

They made the decision this morning after meeting with city officials to discuss what effects the university transit changes, made in early May, have had.

TCSA President Ben Perry tells Arthur the decision to bring back the East and West Bank names and routes was because they were “already a familiar concept for students, and it worked.”

Whether or not the route works was a significant concern after many difficulties were experienced by riders of the Trent Armour route. This lead the city to reinstate the Nicholl’s Park route on Tuesday, only two weeks after it was combined with the Trent East Bank to service both students and community members.

The East Bank route will have a reduced schedule, making seven trips per day, Monday through Friday.

It will follow the traditional East Bank route, going up Water St and crossing the Otonabee River at Parkhill Road rather than Hunter St. There will also be the addition of a stops at McDonnel and George/Water on both the northbound and southbound trips, and a stop at Nassau Mills Road.

The Trent West Bank will be taking over for the Trent Reid, operating on the same schedule as before, but with the addition of a southbound stop and McDonnel and George.

Perry tells Arthur the schedules will be in effect until the end of the summer. The names and routes will continue into the school year.