In a surprise move at the Trent Central Student Association, Aladdin Hasmani, who served as the the organization’s Vice President of Campus Life, resigned from his position last week.

Mr. Hasmani, who was more than five months into his second term on the executive committee, submitted his resignation to the TCSA on September 11, the same day as the organization held its annual Clubs and Groups Day on Bata Podium. The timing of his resignation is significant as the Clubs and Groups event was part of Welcome Back Week, an annual series of TCSA-run events which represent one of the Campus Life portfolio’s most significant responsibilities.

Speaking outside her office on Wednesday, TCSA President Brea Hutchinson confirmed that she had indeed received Mr. Hasmani’s letter of resignation and that the remaining executive members and directors would be working to smooth the hole created by the now-vacant position.

It seems that issues relating to the TCSA’s presence in Introductory Seminar Week (ISW) are what precipitated Mr. Hasmani’s resignation. According to Ms. Hutchinson, an emergency meeting of the union’s board of directors was held on September 9 to examine the conduct of the executives. During that meeting delegates representing the several prominent ISW groups made presentations that were highly critical of the way that the TCSA executive facilitated Introductory Seminar Week.

The TCSA’s involvement in Introductory Seminar Week, however, falls mainly under the Campus Life portfolio and specific instances were raised at the meeting which called into question Mr. Hasmani’s conduct during that time. Furthermore, it was alleged that he mishandled money allotted by the organization for PeteVillage, the street party that kicked off Welcome Back Week on September 8.

At some point during the meeting a motion to begin the process of his impeachment was both moved and passed by the directors after which Mr. Hasmani volunteered his resignation.

Speaking briefly on Wednesday, Mr. Hasmani said that the emergency meeting was the final straw after what had been a rocky summer within the executive. He also mentioned that because of disagreements within the executive he had been considering tendering his resignation even before the emergency meeting was called.

A second attempt was made to contact Mr. Hasmani in regards to allegations raised during the meeting. However as of the publication deadline he has yet to respond.

Moving forward, the TCSA’s board of directors will elect one of their own to fill the position as Acting Vice President of Campus Life until the organization’s membership-wide elections are held this later this fall.

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