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TCSA fall by-elections

Interested in student governance? The Trent Central Student Association welcomes all members to consider running for a position on the Board of Directors for the 2016-2017 school year. As an important voice for students, the TCSA is committed to the well being of its membership. We advocate for student rights and services to make the most of the Trent experience. The best part is that it is all student-led!

Becoming involved in the TCSA is one of the most rewarding responsibilities a student can undertake in their time at Trent. While the main services of the association like transit and health benefits occur daily, a director serves their fellow students by advocating on their behalf. Working with the university, directors play an important role by advising on committees like Senate or the Colleges & Student Services Committee. There are also board meetings of the association where directors come together to collaborate and chart future projects.  Finally, the work that occurs internally at the TCSA is at the core of what a director does.  Whether it’s running a campaign, helping host events, or making the student voice heard, attaining a position on the TCSA Board of Directors is worth the commitment.

If you choose to run, here is what you need to know:

Eligible candidates will:

i) Be at least eighteen years of age (or have reached their eighteenth birthday before ratification of the elections).
ii) Have not declared bankruptcy.
iii) Be a member of the association (an undergraduate or concurrent education student having paid the association membership fee).

Vacant Positions:

  • Vice President Campaigns & Equity
  • Environment & Sustainability Commissioner
  • First Year Off-Residence Commissioner
  • First Year On-Residence Commissioner
  • Gender Issues Commissioner
  • Mature / Transfer Students Commissioner
  • Part Time Students Commissioner (2 positions available)
  • Students with Disabilities Commissioner
  • Women’s Issues Commissioner

The nomination period for all candidates runs to September 30th. If you require materials to run, be sure to go to  Here you can find things like nomination packages, campaign expense forms, candidate agreements, etc. To ensure candidacy please have all nominations submitted by 12pm on Friday, September 30th. Campaigning begins at 9am on Monday, October 3rd.

Please email if you have any questions or if you wish to run!

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