The TCSA semi-annual general meeting took place on February 6 in the Events Space at the Student Centre and, in the modest time of an hour, covered plenty of important topics and changes proposed by the TCSA. The meeting met its 20-person quorum and was called to order by the Chair, Matt Seaby. People filed in, ready to vote, and once the crowd was settled and the land acknowledgement respectfully addressed, the meeting began.

The approval of the agenda and previous minutes were followed by an impressive report from TSCA President Brandon Remmelgas, which went over the TCSA’s initiatives this current academic year. A few topics that the report covered were the TCSA’s partnership with Peterborough Transit, student benefits as affected by OHIP+, and the Student Centre.

Vice President of Clubs and External Affairs Molly Hu followed up with her report, which featured the ways the TCSA aspired towards more environmentally-friendly policies this year. These green initiatives included, in her own words, “free Green Dishes and extended Green Dishes program offered by Trent Food Services, and financially supported by the TCSA in order to encourage use of reusable materials on campus.” The Board of Directors’ full reports are available on the TCSA website and, as per policy, were posted three weeks prior to the Semi-AGM.

The Operations and Services Manager, Tracy Milne, presented a thorough financial report that went into detail about the TCSA’s constant unofficial audit process. President Remmelgas further elaborated saying, “[they] were advised not to do an audit by [their] accountants because of the large expense it would incur.”

He added that even though it would be in their accountants’ best interests for the TCSA to have an audit done, they were assured that they were in good financial standing. The financial report also included an update on the Student Centre loan, which is currently on a timely payment schedule that operates on a per-year basis.

The bylaw amendments were comprised of but are not limited to the following: changing of Board of Director position titles; AGM notices being due two weeks prior as opposed to three weeks; and levy group referenda will now coincide with the Spring General Election period for a more efficient process. The meeting concluded with a unanimous approval of the proposed changes, all of which can be found online on the TCSA website.