TCSA Spring Election Candidates: Equity Commissioners

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Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by position. All candidates are running unopposed for the position listed. Platforms may have been edited for print purposes. All edits were made for length, not for content.

Anti-Racism Commissioner- TinotendaMakosa_smAnti-Racism Commissioner – Tinotenda Makosa

My name is Tinotenda Makosa, I am currently in my second year studying International Development Studies and I am currently running for Anti-Racist commissioner for the year 2015-2016. The reason I am running for this position is because I belief that racism is still a critical issue in our Peterborough and Trent Community.

If elected as Anti-Racist commissioner, I wish to create a Trent University legacy that says NO to racial discrimination and inequality, and YES to a community that is pro Anti-Racist. I wish to create awareness that exposes how racism is still present in our community and how it affects those of racial minority. I wish to create an atmosphere of a Trent family, where we see each other as brothers and sisters and not as racially different. As a racialized minority myself, I have experienced certain inequalities and discrimination that have made me fear to have the freedom of speech. Hence I wish to address these issues, because racial discrimination still exists in our community. As Anti-Racist commissioner, I wish to fight for the basic human rights of equality, liberty and fraternity for all man-kind despite their race, or their ethnicity. As commissioner, I would like to spread the awareness around the Trent and Peterborough community. Since Peterborough is a University based community, I would wish to spread awareness of different racial impacts towards students and the community. I hope to create awareness of racial discrimination in the Peterborough and Trent community by collaborating with organizations such as Ontario Public Interest Research Group and the Race Relations Committee of Peterborough. I would also like to create workshops during the school year 2015-2016, where people of different ethnicity and races get to interact and give their views on racism in the community and what actions to take to fight racism. By these workshops, I wish to spread the legacy of a family as well, as people get to share their different thoughts and exchange different cultures. I also wish to work with 1st years during the ISW week by educating 1st years about racism and hear their opinions about what racism is, and what to do when they feel they are being racially discriminated as Trent University continues to become a diverse community. In these campaigns I hope to create a community that acts against racism and tries to reveal how racism is continues to penetrate in the Peterborough and Trent University community. Through these campaigns I hope to raise awareness of racial discrimination and act against racial discrimination.

The only way to we can eliminate racism in our Trent and Peterborough community is when we decide to act against racial discrimination together as a community. Vote for me, to fight racism in our community. “Say no to racial to discrimination.”

Ethical Standards Commissioner- Alexander McKeeEthical Standards Commissioner – Alexander McKee

The position of ethical standards commissioner position on the Trent University Central Student Association has many responsibilities from ensuring compliance with policies on purchasing to acting as liaison between the University administration and the Association to ensure fair procurement of goods and services. As commissioner I plan to run an ethically conscience awareness campaign next year and represent your concerns and interests.

Last fall I was a part of the Otonabee college ISW team and helped students join the Trent community. Working with students from different backgrounds to welcome students to Trent. As Ethical Standards commissioner, I will work to ensure that the ethics of the University are held to the highest standards.

While at Trent University, I have worked with Trent Model United Nations and ran varsity Cross Country the past four years here. I had to privilege of MCing the athletic banquet last year and taking part in the Trent Fashion show in support of charity. I have had the experience of learning to work alongside students from Trent and many other universities through Model United Nations. This experience has forced me to represent views that are not my own, through these opportunities I have learnt how to remove my personal bias. Because of this I will be an ethical, ethical standards commissioner.

Indigenous Students Commissioner- Brendan CampbellIndigenous Students Commissioner – Brendan Campbell

Tânisi, nitôtêmitik. Nitisiykâson Brendan Campbell êkwa nîhithaw nitha/nêhiyaw niya. Môniyawi-sâkahikanihk kâyahtê nitohcîn, mâka oskana kâ-asastêki niki-nihtâwikin êkwa niki-pê-ohpikin. Hello, honoured friends. My name is Brendan Campbell, I am Plains and Woodland Cree. I am from Montreal Lake Cree Nation, SK, but I was born and raised in Regina, SK.

When I had first arrived at Trent in September as a new student, ready to become part of a community so far from home, I was very apprehensive. When I had joined TUNA as an Urban First Nations student, ready to receive teachings and participate in cermony, I was also quite apprehensive. It was a very overwhelming experience, which had prompted me to re-evaluate my identity and how I can contribute to an Indigenous Space.

Any individual of any identity will learn all too quickly the discomfort and uncertainty about how to contribute to an Indigenous Space when introduced to ceremony or any discussion regarding indigeneity. For those of us who are indigenous, this can be due to a reality that is often overlooked: there are many ways to be indigenous and therefore many ways to contribute. In the past, it is undeniable that there were many ways to be indigenous to Turtle Island. But today, with individuals who have roots in many different nations and can be found thriving in many walks of life, the diversity is impossible to fathom.

As an urban-raised Cree student in Anishinaabeg Territory attending a university that has a blend of many different teachings, I am positioned in way that allows me to see their potential contributions to an Indigenous Space. I cannot overstate importance of providing a space for Indigenous Students to practice their spirituality and ceremony in all its forms. At the same time, through my own experiences and my current responsibilities within the TUNA and FPHL, I have seen the trepidation that Non-indigenous Allies and Urban First Nations have in approaching this space. Although an Indigenous Students Commissioner should concentrate their efforts on the needs and interests of Indigenous Students, I feel it is also important to be an open door to all who would like to genuinely contribute to Trent’s Indigenous Space.

As a TUNA member, I am taking part in creating an Indigenous Space that explicitly represents the views of all indigenous students at Trent. We are very fortunate to be a home to many diverse nations: Cree, Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, Inuit, Métis, and Mik’maq. It would be wonderful to provide the space for students of such diverse backgrounds to learn the diversity within their own nations and to appreciate the diversity of all the nations together. Hopefully these efforts will contribute to the Indigenous Space here at Trent for generations to come, such that all Indigenous Students will know that they can call Trent University home.

There are many positive changes to come and I look forward to working with you in any capacity that I can.

Kinanâskomitinâwâw, Thank you all, Brendan.

International Students Commissioner- BoykinSmith_smInternational Students Commissioner – Boykin Smith


My name is Boykin Gerald Smith and I am a third year international student from The Bahamas studying Politics and Economics.

As a current director of the TCSA, I would be honored to serve my final year of study at Trent University as your next International Students Equity Commissioner.

For the duration of my studies, I have gained a lot of experience through various student positions including but not limited to the Membership Officer for UNICEF 2013/2014, Trent International Students Commissioner 2013/2014, and Vice President Campaigns & Equity 2014/2015.

I have also enjoyed volunteering for other groups to better my networking and socializing skills. I have participated in many TISA events throughout the year and I believe that being a student at any university provides one the opportunity to learn from other students in such international oriented groups.

I have learnt so much from the student body as an elected director for the past two years and I am proud of the all the equity initiatives, such as Accountable Language, We’re A Culture Not A Costume, and Africa is Not A Country, that we have organized together as students.

But I know that you know that there is still a lot of work to be done under the union for the next year.

With that said, I believe that there is a lot of knowledge and skill that I can offer to the position this year and I very confident that with the help of the student body and your vote we can continue advocating for the betterment of international students at Trent University.

I aim to accomplish the following during my term of office:

Continue working to educate the student body on international students’ related campaigns.

Advocate for international students under the Canadian Federation of Students.

Conduct two anti-oppression trainings on behalf of TCSA throughout the year.

Work alongside allies within the international community such as TISA, TIP etc. to better the overall international student experience.

So once you receive your online ballot in your trentu email… Remember for the best results vote Boykin.

Queer Students Commissioner- AndrewClark_smQueer Students Commissioner – Andrew Clark

Hello, my name is Andrew Clark. I am taking English and History. And I am running for the queer commissioner position.

My goal for my position is to get queer issues brought forth and have more of a voice from the TCSA. I would also be continuing the TCSA’s self-love week that the Gender and Queer commissioner created this year. I would also be striving to strengthen these events.

As a queer student I feel strongly about these issues and want to see a more accepting place for other queer students who are coming to this school. I would like to help in creating more safe places for people to come out and be themselves without fear of judgment.

If elected I would work with the TQC and other organization within Peterborough in order to improve upon the safe places at Trent for queer students.

Students with Disabilities Commissioner- CallaDuroseMoya_sm Students with Disabilities Commissioner – Calla Durose-Moya

My name is Calla Durose-Moya, and I’m currently in my second year of majoring in Cultural Studies and Philosophy. I am running for the position of Students With Disabilities Commissioner.

I am running for this position because I’d like to see more of a voice for disabled students at Trent and I would also like to see an awareness of what disability means. If elected, I would advocate for holding Trent to their promise of an accessible living, working, and academic environment.

As a disabled student, ableism colours my daily living and academic experience, and thus I am confident in promising to disabled students at Trent that I would provide a critical and active voice in TCSA governance.

If elected, I would also work with other campus organizations such as Student Accessibility Services (SAS) and Active Minds at Trent to plan events or create accessible materials for disabled students. In representing students with disabilities at Trent, I think I would provide insightful and knowledgeable input as part of the TCSA.

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